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Master Contract Feedback

Master Contract Suggestion Surveys:

These customer Master Contract suggestions are currently under review, please give us your feedback or suggest a new contract by e-mail.

1. RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Master Contract Survey

2. ALPR (Automated License Plate Recognition) & Parking Payment Master Contract Survey - (Moving forward as Parking Payment and Maintenance Master Contract)

Suggest a new IT Contract:

To submit a new Master Contract suggestion e-mail DESCPRMITContracts@des.wa.gov

Suggest a new product on an existing IT Contract:

Let us know if we can help add a product you need to an existing contract. The vendor must be already on the contract. We will need to verify that the scope of the contract allows for the addition of the product with the vendor. E-mail your request to the Contract Specialist managing the contract directly or e-mail our team at DESCPRMITContracts@des.wa.gov if you cannot determine who to contact.