Time, Leave, and Attendance Program begins review of vendor proposals - 05/01/2013


The deadline for the Time, Leave, and Attendance (TLA) Program Requests for Proposals (RFP) passed on April 16. RFP Coordinator Erica McConnell of Enterprise Services Contracts and Legal Services Division reported that multiple proposals were received.

Evaluations of the responses to the RFP are currently underway. However, information about the proposals and activities of the evaluation team cannot be commented upon because of the confidential nature of the procurement process.

While the TLA Program cannot comment on the review process, the anticipated timeline of related activities can be publicly shared.

Stage 1:  The initial review of proposals took place between April 17 and April 23. Prime bidders were notified on April 24 as to whether or not they would move on to stage 2 of the process.

Stage 2:  Stage 2 began on April 25 and includes an evaluation of the vendor responses to the business and technical requirements, and the price proposals outlined in the RFP. This is followed by oral interviews with vendor representatives in late May and early June.

Stage 3:  In early June, the program will notify bidders on who will and will not move to stage 3 of the process. Stage 3 involves product demonstrations and will take place in late June to early July. Enterprise Services expects two to three bidders in this stage.

Stage 4:  On July 9, prime bidders will be notified of who will or will not move to stage 4:  Implementation planning and contract negotiations. Based on the current RFP calendar, it is estimated that Enterprise Services will announce the apparently successful vendor on August 30.

For more details about the RFP process, refer to the Request for Proposal, Amendment 3 (Key Events and Dates).

Strong RFP should enable accurate pricing and quick start-up.
The RFP, which was released on February 26, is an extensive document of nearly 800 pages, 150 of which are a detailed Statement of Work. According to McConnell, a statement of work is typically much shorter, with the specifics worked out after the apparently successful vendor is selected. This RFP was designed to make the state’s expectations clear to vendors, and enable the chosen vendor to provide more accurate pricing, and begin work sooner.

The goal of the TLA Program is an efficient time, leave and attendance process that can work for all of state government. The program is a partnership of state agencies under the leadership of the Office of Financial Management, with the operational support of Enterprise Services. The initial implementations will be in the departments of Ecology and Transportation. (Learn more at http://des.wa.gov/about/pi/TLA/)





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