Vandals knock out two dozen street lights along Deschutes Parkway - 03/25/2013


All streetlights along Deschutes Parkway, from Marathon Park to Tumwater, will be dark for about a week due to vandalism related to an attempted theft of copper wiring that occurred over the weekend.

It appears that the vandals removed several cover plates of underground junction boxes between streetlights in an attempt to steal copper wiring. Although they were unsuccessful in removing the copper, the vandals cut many wires, knocking out service to almost half of the more than 50 street lights along Deschutes Parkway.

Replacement parts have been ordered but will take several days to be delivered and installed.

The cover plate of a west campus underground junction box was found in a trash container near the General Administration Building on Saturday morning, but all the street lights there are working.

The Washington State Patrol is investigating the incidents. If you have any information, please contact (360) 596-3990.

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