Background and Reference

The 2005 Legislature created the Capital Projects Advisory Review Board (CPARB) under ESHB 1830 (RCW 39.10) to review alternative public works contracting procedures and provide guidance to state policymakers on ways to further enhance the quality, efficiency and accountability of public works contracting methods. CPARB and many stakeholders contributed to significant changes to RCW 39.10 that the 2007 Legislature enacted.

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Bylaws, Guidelines & Procedures

Legislative Requested Reports

White Papers

Data Collection/Analysis Reports

  • New Data Collection System for DB and GC/CM to be out in July-August 2017 (partnered with UW to develop)
  • JOC Data Collection Form & Annual summary reports of all public agencies using JOC - pending
  • DBB, GC/CM and DB Data Analysis, 2011
  • Design Build Bid (DBB), GC/CM and DB Data Collection System, 2008-2011
  • Principles for Alternative Subcontractor Selection Process (RCW 39.10.385) (E/MCCM 12/2016)
  • Project Data Analysis Report, 05/11, Approved by CPARB 09/11