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Maple Park Avenue safety improvements begin April 8

Enterprise Services will install a new light pole and remove some cracked sidewalk pavers along the north side of Maple Park Avenue near the Department of Transportation Building on April 8.

A jackhammer and other equipment will be used to break up concrete and dig a trench for electric wiring, creating noisy conditions that could impact employees in Office Building 2, the 1500 Jefferson Street Building and, possibly, in the Employment Security Building, as well as nearby households in the South Capitol neighborhood.

The work is expected to take about two or three days.

The new pole replaces one that was hit by a truck several years ago and then removed.

This is a dark location and there have been reports of some close calls involving vehicles exiting the Transportation Building underground parking garage and pedestrians walking along the Maple Park sidewalk.

The brick pavers will be removed because they are cracked and uneven, posing a tripping hazard. The fractured pavers will be replaced with concrete.

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