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Memorial maintenance scheduled to begin May 14

The contractor, Fabrication Specialties, will be on the Capitol Campus beginning Tuesday, May 14, to perform routine maintenance work on the World War I "Winged Victory" and World War II memorials.

If the weather is dry, the work will occur May 14-16. Rainy weather could cause the projects to be suspended until later in the month. The work will happen simultaneously in both locations.

Winged Victory

Workers will use a man-lift to wash the monument and, once it is dry, apply a clear acrylic finish to areas that need a touch-up.

WWII Memorial

Workers will wash the tall bronze blades of the memorial on Tuesday and apply a hot wax finish on Wednesday and Thursday. Scaffolding will be in place for the waxing process, with safety cones cordoning off the work area. Otherwise, the memorial will be open to the public.

Elsewhere on campus

The POW-MIA, Medal of Honor, Vietnam Veterans, and Korean War memorials will be cleaned and polished in preparation for Memorial Day.

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