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Multiple events could draw 1,500 people to Capitol on Feb. 18

Finding a place to park on the Capitol Campus could be difficult on Feb. 18 because Enterprise Services has issued permits for five events that could bring up to 1,500 participants to the Legislative Building and nearby areas.

Organizers of the Interfaith Advocacy Day estimate that up to 250 people will attend speeches in the Legislative Building rotunda from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.

About 500 people are expected for the Washington Student Association lobby day, to be held at the Flag Circle and the Temple of Justice steps from 9 a.m. to 11:45 a.m.

The Reproductive Health and Rights lobby day rally may bring up to 250 people to the north steps of the Legislative Building from 12:30 p.m. to 1 p.m.

Service Employees International Union, Local 925 will have a tent set-up all day near the Tivoli Fountain. The tent will serve as a base for up to 300 attendees for mostly off-site activities.

The fifth scheduled event is Civic Education Day, which could draw up to 100 people to room 112 of the Legislative Building from 8 a.m. to noon, and the State Reception Room throughout the day.

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