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NRB parking garage fire suppression system replacement project resumes

Beginning May 1, the Department of Enterprise Services will resume a 2015 project that replaces the overhead fire-suppression system and the failing sealant product on surfaces that are exposed to the weather in the Natural Resources Building (NRB) parking garage. The entire project is expect to be completed by November 1, 2017.

In addition, the first phase of the work will begin in May to remove and replace the leaking sealant membrane on the north side of the exterior mezzanine of the NRB. This work will be completed in September 2017.

Other scopes of work include:

  • Fire sprinkler nozzles will be added to the fire system.
  • Earthquake bracing will be repaired on level P-3 and in the tunnel between OB2 and NRB.
  • Existing waterproof membrane on the surfaces of the P1 and P2 levels will be removed and replaced with a more durable sealant product.
  • There will be concrete and sealant removal from the surface, and soil and tree removal from the planters on the mezzanine.
  • Once the sealant is replaced, work crews will resurface the walkway and new landscaping will be installed.
  • Water leaks in the parking garage stair towers, which are damaging doors, hardware and concrete, will be addressed.

Water infiltration threatens the structural integrity of the garage and causes calcium carbonate and water-saturated fire retardant chemicals to drip on to parked vehicles. This work will greatly reduce water infiltration into the structure of the building.

This project will create noise and require areas of the mezzanine and garage to be closed. Parkers will be redirected to park in the 'F' level of the Plaza Garage. Updates will be sent to NRB tenants and garage parkers as the work continues.

Enterprise Services completed the replacement of the fire-suppression system on the P-1 and P-2 levels in 2015. Learn more about the NRB.

For more information, contact Enterprise Services Asset Manager Darlena Heglund, (360) 407-9324.

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