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NRB visitor parking lot ramp closed for safety reasons

December 7, 2012

Capitol Campus Update

OLYMPIA – The ramp from Washington Street into the Natural Resources Building visitor parking lot is closed until further notice.

It is slippery and unsafe to walk on. The top coat of the ramp is peeling away creating slick conditions.

The ramp was damaged in June when a trailer hitch on the back of a vehicle scraped the surface, damaging the underlying waterproof membrane.

The damage was repaired last month and the ramp reopened, but the department received notice Dec. 7 that a state employee fell while walking there. The employee was not hurt.

Enterprise Services will ask the contractor who did the recent repairs to reapply the top coat.

The parking lot, on the P1 level, will remain open and can be accessed from the 11th Avenue entrance.

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