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Some east campus plants must fall so people don't

The Department of Enterprise Services will install a restraint system to protect pedestrians and state staff from fall hazards at edges of planter beds and other landscape structures on the East Capitol Campus.

Most of the safety systems are simple additions of guardrails atop low walls and fencing along the edges of open planter beds. Less visibly, fall restraint cables will be mounted in planter beds located adjacent to high walls, to enable safe access for workers.

Plantings in some areas will be trimmed back for project access or replanted to reduce the need for maintenance in the future.

On-site work is scheduled to begin around 7 a.m. Oct. 3. Contractors will remove vegetation in the high planter beds on the west side of Office Building 2 that forms the walls of the courtyard outside of the building's cafeteria.

The beds will be cleared in preparation for installation of fall restraint cables and access systems for the safety of workers in these areas. The landscape materials will be removed by hauling them up and over the wall, and into small trucks. Pedestrian access to the courtyard will not affected, though areas immediately below the raised beds will be cordoned off.

There will be some noise during this project, mainly from chainsaws, but it should be of short duration. Pedestrian access to the courtyard will not be affected.

Also starting on Oct. 3, fencing will be removed from around the raised beds that are used by the Olympia Kiwanis Club to grow vegetables for donation to the Thurston County Food Bank. Contractors will install concrete footings and posts for mounting new, coated chain-link fencing.

The project is scheduled to be completed on Oct. 4.

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