1063 Block Replacement Project

An architectural rendering of a proposed 1063 Capitol Way building as conceived by the team of Sellen Construction Company and ZGF Architects. The view is from the corner of Capitol Way and 11th Ave. looking north and west.Sellen Construction Co. of Seattle and ZGF Architects rendering of the 1063 Project - NE corner
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The 2013 Legislature authorized, with some conditions, Enterprise Services to replace the 1063 Capitol Way S. block with:

  • a 200,000-225,000 square foot;
  • high-performance multi-tenant office building;
  • using the design-build procurement process (RCW 39.10);
  • with a five-year performance guarantee on energy, operations and maintenance;
  • tenant lease cost of no more than $26 per gross square feet.


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Project Updates/Announcements

  • State signs contract for design of new 1063 Capitol Way building. More information.
  • State determines the project will not have major impact on the environment. More information.

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