Time, Leave and Attendance Project

TLA IconThe goal of the Time, Leave and Attendance (TLA) Project is an efficient time, leave and attendance process that can work for all of state government. Initially, the program will focus on implementations at the departments of Transportation and Ecology (See Partnerships).

Workforce Software provides software solution, and implementation expertise

Group at PCIn October 2013, Washington state signed Workforce Software of Livonia, Mich. as the software provider, and implementation partner for the state’s new Time, Leave, and Attendance (TLA) application.

Workforce Software has a proven record in workforce management solutions with over 100 implementations under its belt. The company’s software, EmpCenter ® for Public Sector, is configured to automate complex time and labor policies in government. The software is designed to help large, diversified government employers meet the unique needs of each department, while providing a simple web-based access that can be tailored to each user group.

Project staff at Enterprise Services, Transportation, Financial Management, and Ecology worked with the vendor team identify the core requirements of the application. Core requirements are those that all state agencies need. In addition to the core, the application will also have shared (needed by more than one agency) and agency unique (single agency) requirements.

Agency Advisory Group reviewed core requirements

In January, the core requirements identified by the project team will be reviewed by the Agency Advisory Group with input from other agencies.  The Agency Advisory Group is a team representing a cross-section of state agencies. Advisory Group members also represent agencies that are not at the table. Learn who is your agency's Point of Contact with the project and who is your Agency Advisory Group representative by viewing the Single Point of Contact matrix.   

The core was confirmed in February. Learn more about the application's Core Requirements.