Time, Leave and Attendance Project

TLA IconThe goal of the Time, Leave and Attendance (TLA) Project is an efficient time, leave and attendance process that can work for all of state government. Initially, the program will focus on implementations at the departments of Transportation and Ecology (See Partnerships).

Project recalibrates to align with requirements findings

Work continues on the TLA project. The project team is working toward implementations at the departments of Ecology and Transportation. To help manage expectations, the team has inserted "gates" into the schedule. Gates are a normal part of managing a large project. They relate to certain milestones, when all parties pause to assess readiness to move forward. This includes looking at the work that's been done, lessons learned, considering the work ahead, resources and other considerations. There is governance within Ecology, Transportation and the enterprise project team to review the gates and ensure the project moves forward thoughtfully, with the ultimate goal of a high-quality TLA solution.

The Department of Ecology, along with Enterprise Services and WorkForce Software, recently determined additional time is required to complete configuration and integration of dependent systems. The TLA Program is restructuring the implementation approach to build in more time to accommodate such needs. This means Enterprise Services and WorkForce are focusing on the statewide technical infrastructure before Ecology begins testing their functionality to ensure it meets the agency's business needs. Meanwhile, Ecology will continue to assess its implementation timeline.

For the Department of Transportation, the schedule for implementing TLA has changed in two ways. First, the agency separated its marine and non-marine deployments. Second, the agency rearranged the deployment order to support bringing non-marine employees on first, while ensuring the agency builds a solid foundation before subsequent deployments to the marine environment, which is more complex. Transportation made these changes based on a better understanding of the work it will take to configure the system for its needs, working in partnership with the Department of Enterprise Services and WorkForce Software. It's important to configure the system right, and build in time to get requirements such as collective bargaining agreements integrated into the system correctly. Based on location, the new schedule is:

Headquarters: ​April 2015
​Eastern regions: ​June 2015
​Western regions: ​July 2015
​Washington State Ferries (WSF) Headquarters: ​October 2015
​WSF Terminal/Eagle Harbor: ​February 2016
​WSF Deck/Engine: ​April 2016