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Project Summary

The 2013 Legislature initiated the 1063 Block Replacement Project by directing the Department of Enterprise Services (DES) to demolish the state-owned office building at 1063 Capitol Way S. and parking garage at 124 Union Ave SW, and construct a new office building on the block.

The 2013 legislative biennial state budget contained a provision that included specific requirements for the project, including that:

  • The project must be done using the design-build project delivery system, as defined in state law (RCW 39.10), with a five-year guarantee for energy, operations and maintenance performance.
  • The new building must be between 200,000 to 225,000 square-feet in size.

The legislation creating the project identified Washington State Patrol as one of the tenants. The other prospective tenants include a portion of the state Office of Financial Management (OFM) and several legislative agencies. OFM will make the final decision regarding the tenants.

DES conducted a two-stage bidding process. Three design-build teams submitted proposals for the project in February 2014. In March 2014, DES selected Sellen Construction Co. and ZGF Architects as the winning design-build team. Both firms have offices in Seattle.

The 2013 Legislature appropriated $13 million to DES for predesign, design, project management, demolition preparation and other planning activities. The 2015 Legislature gave DES the authority to enter into a financing contract for up to $69 million to construct the new office building.

In July 2015, DES gave Sellen/ZGF, the design-build team, notice to proceed with demolition and construction.

The design-build team has designed a five-story, 215,000 square-foot office building that once completed will be in the top 1 percent of office buildings nationally in energy efficiency. In addition, for every dollar invested in the project, an estimated 75 cents will be reinvested back in Washington companies and workers through material and labor costs.

Substantial completion of the new building is scheduled for June 2017, with tenants moved in by August.

Proposed Tenants

The 2015 Legislature directed the Office of Financial Management (OFM) to reconsider the tenants for the new building.

  • Washington State Patrol from the GA Building and Pacific Avenue Building
  • Washington State Patrol functions from Cleveland Avenue except for latent print operations and electronic vehicle services
  • Office of Financial Management from the GA Building, Capital Court Building and the Plum Street Building
  • Legislative sub-agencies
    • Joint Legislative Audit and Review Committee (JLARC)
    • Legislative Evaluation and Accountability Program Committee (LEAP)
    • Joint Legislative Systems Committee (LSC)
  • Office of the State Treasurer from Capital Court