Configuration Standards

Configuration Standards provide an opportunity for state agencies and local government to achieve significant savings by following best purchasing practices -- such as taking advantage of bulk discounts, and making quality purchases that meet minimum standards to avoid rapid replacement.

What's the value in Configuration Standards?

By purchasing any of the standard configurations, state agencies:

  • get quality equipment that meets the personal computing needs of most general government employees
  • take advantage of value pricing offered by IT master contracts
  • experience flexibility - using these configurations as a baseline, agencies can research options that provide greater value or more closely meet their needs

When will the configurations change?

Our master contracts link directly to the manufacturers' websites that contain current standard configurations for desktop, laptop, and netbook computers.

The customer service agents at the Department of Enterprise Services work closely and cooperatively with a wide variety of vendors to provide the best value for your organization at the lowest cost, continuing to save taxpayer dollars.

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