Reporting an Accident Involving a State Driver

A highway crash or any non-highway damage to a state car - or your own car while driving on state business - must be reported to ORM within 48 hours of the incident per State Administrative and Accounting Manual, Policy 12.30.40(13).

How to report an incident

Complete the State Driver Vehicle Collision Report (SF 137). The SF 137 can be sent electronically to ORM by following these simple steps:

  • State Driver: Within one day of the crash or damage, fill out form SF 137 and give it to your supervisor.
  • Supervisor of State Driver: Review the form for completeness (including the name of the county), investigate the incident further as needed, sign and forward the completed SF 137 to your agency's risk manager.
  • Agency Risk Manager: Within two days of the crash or damage, e-mail the signed and completed form to Office of Risk Management.

Send the completed State Driver Vehicle Accident/Collision Report form and supporting documents by mail and use this address:

State of Washington
Department of Enterprise Services
Office of Risk Management
PO Box 41466
Olympia, WA 98504-1466