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Due to escalating tensions at free speech events on the Capitol Campus — and  the recent trend of violence at free speech rallies throughout the nation — Enterprise Services has issued an order for additional time, place and manner restrictions to prohibit specific items from entering the area of a permitted rally today in the flag circle. The order is being issued in the interest of public safety and safeguarding freedoms of those visiting the capitol campus.

The order prohibits items such as bats, knives, pepper spray and hammers or slingshots from being brought into this limited area of the campus.

The order covers the North Steps of Legislative Building, Flag Circle and surrounding streets, South Steps of the Temple of Justice, and adjacent areas through the duration of the event.

The order is temporary in nature and is within the framework of existing rules applicable to time, place and manner restrictions that apply to the Capitol Campus and are allowed by law to ensure safety, the public’s right to freedom of movement, and government’s ability to conduct its business.

Read the order and view a map of the restricted area.


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