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Weddings on the Capitol Campus

The Capitol Campus hosts weddings in some of the indoor public areas and on the grounds throughout the year. Since not all indoor public areas are appropriate for weddings during normal business hours, we encourage you to schedule your private indoor wedding after normal business hours.

Weddings require a $75 application processing fee to secure a reservation. Venue rentals are scheduled in four-hour time blocks and cost $350 per location. Staff time required for any inside venue costs $85 per hour. Special room set-ups in any location or food service will incur custodial service changes of $85 per hour, and $65 per hour for pre/post event services. Please call us for a free quote tailored to your event. Free wedding rehearsals are also available during normal business hours. View additional wedding rate information.

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Wedding guests for events held after normal business hours in the Legislative Building typically enter through the north entrance at the top of the north steps. Please let us know when someone in your wedding party is unable to use the main steps and we will make the southeast entrance available. Otherwise, all other exterior doors will be closed. Wedding guests and the wedding party must stay in the areas scheduled for your wedding (Rotunda, corridors, Columbia Room, etc.).

Capitol Campus buildings do not have changing rooms available, so your wedding party may need to use the public restrooms. Not all restrooms have power outlets. Outdoor restrooms on the Capitol Campus may not be suitable for use as changing rooms.

Candles, balloons and rice are not allowed at indoor weddings. Indoor displays, signs and banners are only permitted for private, after-hours weddings.

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Rotunda in the Legislative Building Columbia Room in the Legislative Building
Click to see a large version of the Rotunda set up with chairs for an event
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Click to see a large version of the Columbia Room set up with round tables for an event
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