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Energy Savings Performance Contracting

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The DES Energy Program is a national leader in developing and managing energy savings performance contracts that help reduce energy and operational costs in public facilities.

The DES Energy Savings Performance Contracting program is designed, by State law, specifically for existing public buildings in Washington State. This program offers state agencies and local government entities the following:

  • The most cost-effective process for completing building energy upgrades.
  • A means to use utility savings to offset project costs
  • A partnership involving the client agency, a private Energy Service Company (ESCO) and the DES Energy Program.

How The Program Works

Every two years, the Energy Program publishes a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) to solicit interested Energy Savings Performance Contracting firms to participate in the program. State agencies and local governments are able to contract with the DES Energy Program, and are assigned an energy engineer to help them through the process.  They can then select an Energy Service Company (ESCO) directly without the traditional bid process.

The DES energy engineer and the ESCO will then complete a free preliminary energy audit of the customer's building or facility to determine possible energy efficiency projects. Should an Energy Service Company fail to develop a project that meets a client agency's cost-effectiveness criteria, then there is no cost to the client agency.

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Roles and responsibilities

The Energy Service Company provides the following:

  • Project identification and proposal
  • Design, installation, and commissioning of the project
  • Financing options
  • Utility and grant opportunities
  • Guarantee of equipment performance
  • Guarantees not to exceed maximum project costs
  • Guarantees and measures verified energy savings

The DES Energy Program provides the following:

  • Energy project management expertise and overall contracting services
  • Collaboration, project development and financing guidance
  • Participates in facility walkthroughs
  • Project quality assurance and guidance
  • Negotiation of project scope, costs, terms and equipment selections
  • Yearly ESCO measurement and verification report reviews for accuracy
  • Develops and administers guidelines, selections and master contracts

Types of projects

The program can apply to a wide range of projects. Examples include:

Interior and exterior lighting High efficiency HVAC systems
LED traffic light systems Renewable Energy
Solar PV Systems Boiler Replacements
Swimming pool systems Water conservation measures
Wastewater treatment plant improvements Repair/Replacement of stream distribution



Projects can be financed using: