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Current Projects Advertised for Consultant Selection

Contact Information

E&AS Selection Administrator

Jennifer Santos
(360) 407-8209

DSHS Selection Administrator

Luda Rybalchenko
(360) 902-8316

DOC Selection Administrator

Sarah Kimmel
(360) 725-8359

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Project name Project documents Due Date/Selected Firm

On-Call Campus Architect

Seattle Central College

Seattle, WA

2017-839 RFQ


Building G Renovation

Bellevue College

Bellevue, WA

2017-231 RFQ
Info Meeting Sign In

Cost Estimate


Campus On-Call Architect

Lower Columbia College

Longview, WA

2017-841 RFQ
17-841 RQF Amendment 1 (added 7/20/17)
Info Meeting Sign In


West Campus Expansion

Yakima Valley College

Yakima, WA

2017-963 RFQ (Project Number Change from 17-845)
Info Meeting Sign In


On-Call Campus Architect

Clark College

Vancouver, WA

2017-852 RFQ
Info Meeting Sign In


On-Call Campus Architect

Renton Technical College

Renton, WA

2017-847 RFQ

17-847 Score Sheets


Osborn Architects and McGranahan Architects selected

Phase 2 Tenant Improvements

Green River College

Auburn, WA

2017-298 RFQ
Info Meeting Sign In

17-298 Score Sheets


Shreiber Starling Whitehead selected

On-Call Architect

Skagit Valley College

Mount Vernon, WA

2017-851 RFQ

17-851 Score Sheets


HKP Architects selected

On-Call Architect

Belleuve College

Bellevue, WA

2017-848 RFQ
Info Meeting Sign In

17-848 Score Sheets


Anjali Grant Design and HKP Architects selected

Electrical Infrastructure Upgrades

Lakeland Village (DSHS)

Medical Lake, WA

2018-402 RFQ
Info Meeting Sign In

18-402 Score Sheets


NAC Architecture selected

Six Bed Expansion Project


Seattle, WA

2018-404 RFQ
18-404 RFQ R1 - info mtng time added, p2

Info Meeting Sign In
Info Meeting Q&A

Pre-Design Deliverable

18-404 Score Sheets


KMB Architects Selected

On-Call Architect

Everett Community College

Everett, WA

2017-846 RFQ
Info Meeting Sign-In

17-846 Score Sheets



Osborn Architects, Calvin Jordan Associates and HKP Architects selected

Campus Security and Surveillance

Green Hill School (DSHS)

Chehalis, WA

2018-403 RFQ
18-403 Score Sheets


KMB Architects selected

Campus Architect

Eastern State Hospital - Lakeland Village & Pine Lodge

Medical Lake, WA

2018-401 RFQ

18-401 Score Sheets


Cortner Architectural and De Neff Deeble Barton Associates selected

Eastern WA On-Call Architect

Washington State Department of Enterprise Services

Eastern Washington

2017-814 RFQ
FAQs from Statewide On-Call
2017-814 Panel

17-814 Score Sheets


ALSC Architects, Cortner Architectural and Traho Architects selected

On-Call Architect

Bellingham Technical College
Whatcom Community College

Bellingham, WA

2017-842 RFQ
Info Meeting Sign-In

17-842 Score Sheets


RMC Architects, HKP Architects and Zervas selected

On-Call Architect

South Seattle College

Seattle, WA

2017-834 RFQ
Info Meeting Sign-In
17-834 Score Sheet Summary


HKP Architects, Calvin Jordan Associates and Osborn Architects selected

On-Call Campus Architect

Cascadia Community College

Bothell, WA

2017-843 RFQ
Info Meeting Sign-In
17-843 Score Sheet Summary


Schreiber Starling Whitehead selected

On-Call Architect

Shoreline Community College

Shoreline, WA

2017-838 RFQ
Info Meeting Sign-In
17-838 Score Sheet Summary


Calvin Jordan Associates and Osborn Architects selected

Engineering Assessment

Western State Hospital/Child Study and Treatment Center Campuses

Lakewood, WA

2017-467 RFQ

2017-467 Info Meeting Sign In
2017-467 Info Meeting Notes

17-467 Score Sheets



Hargis Engineers selected

Student Success Center - Design Build

Bellevue College

Bellevue, WA

2017-240 RFQ
Attachment 1: Project Financial Questionnaire
Attachment 2: Price Factor Sheet
Attachment 3: Diverse Inclusion Plan
Attachment 4: Campus Map

2017-240 Info Mtng Sign In
Info Mtng Presentation

Bellevue College Master Plan - Appendix (Digital)
Bellevue College Master Plan - Report (Digital)

Bellevue College Master Plan - Appendix (Printable)
Belleuve College Master Plan - Report (Printable)

17-240 RFQ Addendum 1 - issued 3/24/17
17-240 RFQ Addendum 2 - issued 4/3/17
17-240 RFQ Addendum 3 - issued 5/2/17

Interview Information - added 4/18/17
Student Affairs Space Summary - added 4/18/17
Proprietary Meeting Information - updated 4/20/17

2017-240 Score Sheets and Summary - added 5/25/2017




Statewide On-Call Consultants

Washington State Department of Enterprise Services

Statewide throughout Washington

Statewide On-Call RFQ


Selected FIrms - added 5/19/17

​Design Build - Main Building South Wing Renovation

Community Colleges of Spokane

Spokane, WA

Phase I and II Scoring Summary


Selected Team: Graham Construction & NAC Architecture

Design Build for Center for Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

September 15 Documents
RFP Table of Contents
Section IV: Design Requirements
Section V: Program Requirements
--V.8.B Lakewood Shop Plans
--V.8.B South Hill Shop Plans
--V.8.C Composites
--V.8.C Manufacturing
--V.8.C Mechatronics/Automation
--V.8.C NDT
-- I. Relevant Data
----C. Geotechnical Report
----D. Asbestos/Lead Survey
----E. Survey Information
----F. DES Design Guidelines /Construction Standards
-- II. Proposal Forms
----J. DB-Owner Matrix
----K. Diverse Business Inclusion Plan
Section V.8.C - Data Sheets Added 9/16/16
Appendix E Added 9/20/16
Site Survey AutoCAD Format
2016-173 Scoring Summary


Selected Team: Mortenson Construction & Schacht Aslani Architects



Engineering and Architectural Services routinely advertises for consultant services on projects where consultant fees are expected to exceed $350,000. This page lists those projects that are currently advertising via the Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce and the Washington Electronic Business Solution (WEBS) with NIGP Commodity Code 914-84 Trade Services Construction Non-classified.

For more information on each project, call the reference noted in the individual advertisements. For general information about these projects, email Engineering and Architectural Services at easmail@des.wa.gov. Consultants selection for projects with fees under $350,000 use the AE Reference File.

Please address submittals to:

Department of Enterprise Services
Engineering and Architectural Services
PO Box 41476 Olympia, WA 98504
Attn: - (see Advertisement.)

Faxed copies will NOT be accepted.