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E&AS Selection Administrator

Angeline Ernst
(360) 407-7965

DSHS Selection Administrator

Luda Rybalchenko
(360) 902-8316

DOC Selection Administrator

Sarah Kimmel
(360) 725-8359

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Project name Project documents Due Date/Selected Firm

On-Call Architect

Lake Washington Institute of Technology

Kirkland, WA

2017-826 RFQ


Student Success Center - Design Build

Bellevue College

Bellevue, WA

2017-240 RFQ
Attachment 1: Project Financial Questionnaire
Attachment 2: Price Factor Sheet
Attachment 3: Diverse Inclusion Plan
Attachment 4: Campus Map

2017-240 Info Mtng Sign In
Info Mtng Presentation

Bellevue College Master Plan - Appendix
Bellevue College Master Plan - Report

17-240 RFQ Addendum 1 - issued 3/24/17


Statewide On-Call Consultants

Washington State Department of Enterprise Services

Statewide throughout Washington

17-19 Info Meeting Agenda
17-19 Meeting Handout - Updated 3/21 (FAQs combined with 15-17 Q&A sheet)
17-19 List of Panels

Info Meeting Sign-In
Additional FAQs From Info Meeting

Statewide On-Call RFQ
15-17 Biennium Q&A Sheet (link removed, Q&As updated in 17-19 Meeting Handout)

  • Architectural Consultants
  • Electrical Consultants
  • Testing Services
  • Value Engineering and Constructability Review Consultants
  • Civil Engineering Consultants
  • Mechanical Consultants
  • Hazardous Materials and Environmental Site Assessment Consultants
  • Structural Consultants
  • Survey Consultants
  • Geotechnical Consultants
  • Building Envelope and Roofing Consultants
  • Security Systems Consultant
  • Commissioning Services


On-Call Architect

Washington State Patrol (Facilities Office)

Tumwater, WA

2017-827 RFQ
2017-827 Info Meeting Sign-In


On-Call Architect

Criminal Justice Training Center

Burien, WA

2017-829 RFQ
2017-829 Info Meeting Sign-In



Energy Service Companies (ESCO)

DES Energy Program

Olympia, WA

RFQ 2017-193
Supplement A - Inclusion Plan Requirements



On-Call Architect

Centralia College

Centralia, WA

RFQ 2017-831
Info Meeting Sign-In
2017-831 Scoring Summary


MSGS Architects and Tovani Hart have been selected

​Design Build - Main Building South Wing Renovation

Community Colleges of Spokane

Spokane, WA

RFQ 2016-136
Sample Ph II Score Sheet
Sample Ph II Ranking
Info Meeting Sign-In
RFQ Addendum 1
Addendum 1

---RFP Documents---
Table of Contents
I. Design-Build Proposal Requirements
II. Design-Build Contract
III. Design-Build Contract Management
IV. Design Requirements
V. Program Requirements
--1. Relevant Data
>B. RFQ Addendum 1
>C. GeoTechnical Report
D. Asbestos and Lead Survey (provided on thumb drive)
>Ea. Survey Information I - dwg file
>Eb. Survey Information II
>F. Owner Project Requirements
>G. CCS Construction Standards 2015
>Ha. Existing - dwg file
>Hb. Main Floor
>Hc. Roof
>Hd. Second Floor
--2. Proposal Forms
>A. Release of Liability - CAD Drawings
>B. Acknowledgement of RFP/Addendum
>C. Energy Lify Cycle Guidelints/Forms
>D. Proposed LEED Project Checklist
>E. Base Contract Price Proposal Form
>F. Price Proposal Cost Estimate
G. Alternates Price Proposal Cost Estimatee - NOT USED
>H. Exceptions/Qualifications to RFP Scope
>I. Honorarium Agreement
>J. Design-Builder Owner Responsibility Matrix
>K. Diverse Business Inclusion Plan

Addendum 2
Nov2 Kick-Off Meeting Attendance Record
I. Design-Build Proposal Requirements - 11/8/16


Phase I and II Scoring Summary


Apparent Selected Team: Graham Construction & NAC Architecture

2016-173 - Center for Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

Clover Park Technical College

Lakewood, WA
Info Meeting Sign-In
Facilities Master Plan
Request Report (PRR)
Master Site Plan

Schreiber Starling & Lane Architects selected for Bridging Documents Team
Design Build for Center for Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

Clover Park Technical College

Lakewood, WA

DesignBuildRFQ 2016-173
Outreach Flyer
Sample Ph II Score Sheet
Sample Ph II Ranking
DB Lakewood Info Mtng
DB Seattle Outreach
Sample Contract
Addendum 1
September 15 Documents
RFP Table of Contents
Section I: DB Proposal Requirements
Section II: DB Contract
Section III: DB Contract Management
Section IV: Design Requirements
Section V: Program Requirements
--V.8.B Lakewood Shop Plans
--V.8.B South Hill Shop Plans
--V.8.C Composites
--V.8.C Manufacturing
--V.8.C Mechatronics/Automation
--V.8.C NDT
-- I. Relevant Data
----A. DB RFQ
----B. RFQ Addendum 1
----C. Geotechnical Report
----D. Asbestos/Lead Survey
----E. Survey Information
----F. DES Design Guidelines /Construction Standards
-- II. Proposal Forms
----A. Release of Liability
----B. Acknowledgement of Receipt of RFP/Addendum
----C. Energy Life Cycle
----D. Proposed LEED
----E. Base Contract Form
----F. Price Proposal Cost
----G. Alt. Price Proposal
----H. Exceptions/ Qualifications to RFP Scope
----I. Memorandum
----J. DB-Owner Matrix
----K. Diverse Business Inclusion Plan
Section V.8.C - Data Sheets Added 9/16/16
Appendix E Added 9/20/16
Site Survey AutoCAD Format
Revision Added 11/16/2016
Revised Section II - DB Contract

2016-173 Scoring Summary


*Due to I-5 shut downs, the due date will be pushed to 8/19/2016 by 10:00 am*


Apparent Selected Team: Mortenson Construction & Schacht Aslani Architects



Engineering and Architectural Services routinely advertises for consultant services on projects where consultant fees are expected to exceed $350,000. This page lists those projects that are currently advertising via the Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce and the Washington Electronic Business Solution (WEBS) with NIGP Commodity Code 914-84 Trade Services Construction Non-classified.

For more information on each project, call the reference noted in the individual advertisements. For general information about these projects, email Engineering and Architectural Services at Consultants selection for projects with fees under $350,000 use the AE Reference File.

Please address submittals to:

Department of Enterprise Services
Engineering and Architectural Services
PO Box 41476 Olympia, WA 98504
Attn: - (see Advertisement.)

Faxed copies will NOT be accepted.