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Engineering & Architectural Services (E&AS)

Engineering and Architectural Services understands that as a government agency we use many abbreviations in our documents and may use terms that are unfamiliar to our clients and business partners.

We have compiled a list of the most common abbreviations and definitions used in our documents for your convenience. If you would like an abbreviation or specific definition added to this list, please contact EASMail@des.wa.gov.

A/E Architects and Engineers IAA Interagency Agreement
AD Assistant Director IAQ Indoor Air Quality
ADA Americans with Disabilities Act IGA Investment Grade Audit
AG Attorney General JLARC Joint Legislative Audit and Review Committee
AGC Associated General Contractors JOC Job Order Contracting
AIA American Institute of Architects K-12 Kindergarten through 12th Grade
APM Assistant Program Manager KW Kilowatt
ASHRAE American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers kWh Kilowatt Hours
AWC Association of Washington Cities LEED Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design
B&O Tax Business & Occupation Tax LOTT Lacey Olympia Tumwater Thurston (wastewater treatment)
BCS Building Control System LPW Limited Public Works
BCx Building Commissioning M&V Monitoring and Verification
BFFP Barrier Free Facilities Program MACC Maximum Allowable Construction Cost
BID Bidding Phase MBE Minority Business Enterprise
BOC Building Operator Certification mmBtu One million British Thermal Units
Btu British Thermal Unit MWBE Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprises
CA Commissioning Agent NASFA National Association of State Facilities Administrators
CADD Computer Aided Design and Drafting NEEC Northwest Energy Efficiency Council
CBO Certified Building Official NTP Notice to Proceed
CD Construction Documents NWCCC Northwest Construction Consumer Council
CEM Certified Energy Manager O&M Operation and Maintenance
CM Construction Manager O&P Overhead and Profit
CO Change Order OSPI Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction
CON Construction Phase P&P Payment and Performance
COP Change Order Proposal P&Ps Policies and Procedures
COPs Certificates of Participation PC Performance Contracting
CPARB Capital Project Advisory Review Board PE Professional Engineer
CPC Construction Project Coordinator PM Project Manager
CPL Completion POS Plant Operations Support
CPM Capital Project Management or Critical Path Method PRC Project Review Committee
CPP Conservation Partners Program PRR Project Review Request
CS Contracts Specialist PSE Puget Sound Energy
CSI Construction Specification Institute PTS Project Tracking System
CxA Commissioning Agent PWR Public Works Requisition
DB Design-Build QA Quality Assurance
DBB Design-Bid-Build RA Registered Architect
DD Design Development RCM Resource Conservation Manager
DES Department of Enterprise Services RCW Revised Code of Washington
DJC Daily Journal of Commerce REA Request for Equitable Adjustment
DOC Department of Corrections RFI Request for Information
DOE US Department of Energy RFP Request for Proposal
DSHS Department of Social and Health Services RFQ Request for Qualifications
E&AS Engineering & Architectural Services SA Senior Architect
ECMs Energy Conservation Measures SD Schematic Design
ECN Energy Completion Notice SE Senior Engineer
ECY Department of Ecology SEPA State Environmental Policy Act
EE Energy Engineer SFAC State Facilities Access Committee
EEM Energy Efficiency Measures SOQ Statement of Qualifications
EIS Environmental Impact Statement SPB Simple Payback
ELCCA Energy Life Cycle Cost Analysis SWR Small Works Roster
EPA Environmental Protection Agency T&B Testing and Balancing
EPM Energy Project Manager TCR The Climate Registry
ESCO Energy Service Company TIN Tax Identification Number
ESP Energy Services Proposal UBI Unified Business Identifier
ESPC Energy Savings Performance Contracting Program USDOE US Department of Energy
FA Field Authorization VE Value Engineering
FIM Facility Improvement Measure WABO Washington Association Building of Officials
FO Field Order WAC Washington Administrative Code
FSP Facilities Senior Planner WBE Women Business Enterprise
GBCI Green Building Certification Institute WISHA Washington Industrial Safety and Health Act
GC General Contractor WO Work Order
GCCM General Contractor/ Construction Manager GHG Greenhouse Gases
HVAC Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning    



A/E Reference File The Architecture/Engineer (A/E) Reference File is a central file used to select consultants based on qualifications for public works projects under $150,00 in estimated fees.
Energy Services Proposal (ESP) A written report describing the client agency’s facility and those buildings and/or systems that will receive ESCO equipment and services.
Geographic Proximity Defined area for a specific project, usually within a particular state mileage radius as determined by the project manager in consultation with the client agency.
Major Projects  
Minor Works Projects  
On-Call List  
Outreach Plan In accordance to the ’Consultant Selection MWBE Outreach Plan Criteria’.
Performance Contracting Contracts for which payment is conditional upon achieving contractually specified savings.
Phase I  
Phase II  
Pre-Selection Informational Session Informational meetings held by the E&AS Project Manager working with the Agency representative, that allows interested parties an opportunity to view the project site, receive information, and ask questions prior to bidding.
Previous Performance  
Project Understanding and Approach  
Qualifications of Key Personnel  
Rank Order Numeric order of final scoring of submittals or oral interviews by the selection panel from highest score to lowest score.
Relevant Experience Direct experience for the advertised project type, preferably in the last five years.
Selection Criteria Weighted evaluation categories used to determine the most qualified firms for a particular project.
Small Works Roster Listing of State of Washington licensed contractors for projects under $300,000.
WEBS Washington Electronic Business Enterprises is an Internet vendor registration and bid notification system that allows vendors to register to receive government bid notifications.