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  • (360)-664-1960
  • Toll Free: (877)-664-1960
  • TTY (for deaf, hard of hearing or speech impaired): 7-1-1

The Online Recruiting System (OLRS) is an enterprise wide, web-based tool powered by NEOGOV, a third party vendor. It is one place for job seekers to find and apply for state agency jobs.

OLRS provides support for the following functions:

  • Job posting
  • Online job applications
  • Applicant tracking and screening
  • Requisition management, and
  • Reporting for state agencies

Questions regarding the OLRS may be emailed to

NEOGOV Information

  • New Insight Menu mapping to classic menu​
  • Browser Settings - If you are receiving error messages or being returned to the Login page, you may need to adjust your browser settings. Check with your agency IT staff for recommended settings that may solve the issue.
    • Beginning January 1st, 2017, NEOGOV will no longer allow access to their products using Internet Explorer browsers that are below version 11.
      • IE11 provides improved security over earlier versions. Older versions of IE are no longer supported or patched by Microsoft.
    • As of May 31st, 2016, NEOGOV no longer supports Internet Explorer versions 10 or lower or the Firefox browser.
    • NEOGOV currently supports:
      • IE11
      • Chrome 47 and higher
      • Edge 20 and higher
    • If having issues viewing Insight with IE11, remove ’’ to your IE Compatibility View Settings.
      • Log into Insight.
      • Click on Tools in the browser tool bar.
      • Click on Compatibility View Settings.
      • Click on '' in the "websites you've added to the Compatibility View."
      • Click on Remove.
      • Click Close.
    • For the job seekers, NEOGOV will continue to support browsers used by 5% or more of the job seekers.
  • If you are using of the older browsers, check with your IT section to find out about updating or changing your browser to access Insight and OHC.
  • Log-on to NEOGOV Insight & OHC


Training Materials

Online Recruiting System Training​ - May 24 - 25, 2017

Advanced Scoring Guidance


WA State Specific User Guides


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