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Loss Prevention Review Team

The Risk Management Task Force (2002) recommended that post-incident reviews be conducted in order to avoid or reduce losses or incidents in the future. Based upon this recommendation, the Legislature enacted ESSB 6428. The bill authorizes the Office of Risk Management (ORM) to perform loss prevention reviews for specified incidents that involve a death, serious injury, or loss that may have been caused in part by the actions of a state agency. Loss prevention review team program requirements are provided in RCW 43.19.782 and RCW 43.19.783.


RCW 43.19.782 directs DES to establish guidelines on how agencies are to notify DES of incidents that may be reviewed. Reporting guidelines for different agencies have been issued.

Loss prevention review team

A team:

  • Consists of at least three, but no more than five members, and may include independent consultants, contractors, or state employees.
  • Does not include any person employed by an agency that was involved in the loss or any person with testimonial knowledge of the incident to be reviewed.
  • Provides a written report to the Director upon completion of their review. These reports and agency responses are posted to the DES website.

Incident reporting

The guidelines include criteria for determining which incidents are to be reported to DES. When an incident meets these criteria, agencies should report them to DES using the Incident Report Form and email the form to All incident reports are reviewed by the Loss Prevention Program and the DES Director using these criteria to determine if a review is to be conducted. If the Director determines that an incident merits review, the Director will appoint a loss prevention review team.

Director’s determination

If the DES Director determines that a review will not take place, in accordance with RCW 43.19.782, the Director’s determination is posted to the website.


For questions about the reporting guidelines, the review process or other aspect of this program, contact Lucy Isaki, State Risk Manager at 360-407-8143 or Jean Jelinek, Loss Prevention Program Coordinator at 360-407-8158.