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Employee parking information

Parking Policies

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can sign up for parking on the Capitol campus?

  • Assigned parking on the Capitol campus is reserved for employees who work there
  • Off-site employees may be assigned parking on a space available basis where there is no waiting list
  • Off-site employees may be asked to cancel their parking if the area becomes full

How is my assigned parking area determined?

Your assigned parking area is determined by the location of your workplace and availability in near-by parking areas. View the employee parking brochure.

How do I sign up?

  • Complete the New Employee Parking Registration form
  • Print a copy of the confirmation page to serve as a temporary permit
  • The Office of Parking Services (OPS) will verify that vehicles are registered with the same household (you will be required to furnish a written explanation for any vehicle not registered at your home address)
  • Once verified, you will receive a parking sticker and information by campus mail

How many vehicles can I register for parking?

You may register up to 3 vehicles.

How do I get on a waiting list for another parking area?

  • Telephone the parking office to confirm that your name has been placed on a specific waiting list
  • If a person has been moved off campus by their Agency, not at their request, and it has been less than one year, they can go back on the list that they were previously on with their original date
  • If a person cancels their parking they must request to remain on the waiting lists

What if I drive a different car for a few days? 

What can I do to ensure that my car and I are safe?

  • Park correctly to avoid damage or inconvenience to other parkers.
  • Stop at stop signs!
  • Turn on your headlights in covered garages.
  • Follow posted speed limits (12 m.p.h. in Capitol Campus parking areas).
  • Be alert and watch for pedestrians. Pedestrians have the right of way.
  • When leaving your vehicle at any location keep valuables out of sight, roll up windows and lock the vehicle.
  • Call the parking office if you notice any unusual occurrences, suspicious individuals or hazardous situations.

What should I do if my car is damaged in a parking garage?

  • The Washington State Patrol is responsible for the investigation and handling of any damages, accidents and or crimes committed in or on the state parking facilities.
  • Contact the Washington State Patrol at 753-6540 immediately if any of the above occurs.

How do I notify the parking office of changes in my parking needs?

  • Please notify parking of all changes to your parking needs (including retirement, termination, shift assignment or re-assignment to an off campus location) using the online forms listed for Registered parkers.

    Note:  It is the parker’s responsibility to cancel their parking if they want their parking fees (payroll deductions) to stop!  Cancellation may be done with the online form or in person at the Parking Office.

    Parking Fees are non-refundable and are not pro-rated.  Payroll deductions cover parking services during the pay period.  Contact Parking Services with any questions or requests for accommodation in cancellation methods.
  • Or, you may call in changes to the parking office at (360) 725-0030. 
  • Or, you may email us at: