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Parking Strategy Implementation Plan

​Enterprise Services maintains more than 6,000 parking stalls located in 28 locations, providing employee, visitor and vendor/service access.  Parking stalls range from agency assigned reserved stalls, zoned stalls for general access, and visitor only stalls (restricted from employees who have assigned parking on the capitol campus). The parking system is a mix of garages, surface parking lots and on-street parking.​

In July 2015, the Legislature -- through the proviso outlined in 2EHB 1115 Sec. 1088 -- directed Enterprise Services to develop an implementation plan for a Capitol Campus parking strategy.  The implementation plan will put in place a set of recommendations from the 2014 Transportation and Parking Study​

​Implementation of this plan will

  • ​Reduce agency reserved parking stalls
  • Put in place a robust enforcement program
  • Increase employee parking
  • Increase in visitor parking
  • Improve way-finding in campus parking facilities

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