State Vehicle FAQ

  • What should I do if I have a dead battery?
  • I am locked out of my vehicle?
  • I have a tire blowout?
    • Call Fleet Rescue Road Service (800) 356-9316

What do I do if there is a ding or crack in the windshield?

  • Call Safelite (800) 469-3941

Will fleet operations supply studded tires?

  • Fleet operations vehicles are equipped with all-season radials, snow, or mud and snow (M/S) tires. We will not authorize the use of studded tires, but will authorize an ice type tire at the expense of your agency. Ice tires must be removed in the spring at the agency’s expense.

What do I do if I get a parking/toll ticket?

  • The state driver is personally liable and responsible for any parking/toll tickets and impounding. Fleet Operations receives a copy of the ticket and notifies the ATO.

Is it true that a state vehicle will not get a ticket if you park in front of a meter because it has a state decal?

  • Fleet operations vehicles do not have special privileges and must adhere to all parking regulations.