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Information Technology

Photoshop Essentials: Making Photoshop Work For You (1 Day)

Do you need to edit photos for webpages, print or other documents? Do you need to create or modify graphics or logos? Do you need to improve upon the art of “seeing” what sets apart an excellent photograph from a mediocre one? Do you need to know how to “fix” a photograph? If so, then this is the class for you.

This one-day course will include the basic principles, elements and vocabulary of using Photoshop. It will give you valuable tips and techniques related to many uses of Photoshop. It is part of a four-part communications class series, which uses Adobe Creative Suite to give you a great foundation for designing for web and print.

Class will be taught using Adobe Photoshop CS5 but the skills will be transferable to any version of Photoshop.

    Performance Objectives: Upon successful completion of this course, you should be able to:

      • Work with layers, selections and masks
      • Straighten, crop and resize
      • Retouch portraits
      • Enhance colors, tone and sharpness
      • About Camera Raw
      • Digital special effects
      • Text effects
      • Digital artwork
      • Professional presentation
      • Photoshop plugins

      Competencies covered in this course: User centered design principles and practices

        Intended Audience: Professionals who have limited experience using Adobe Photoshop (or similar programs) and who design general communications for print or web

          Recommended Pre-requisites: Some experience with photo editing software

            • Sorry, there are no classes currently available for this course.