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Leadership Development

Practicing the gPDCA Problem Solving (6 Hours)

Have you already taken Problem Solving the Washington Way class? Do you have questions about how to actually apply the PDCA 9-step problem solving method to a real problem in your workplace? Would you like to get advice from expert problem solvers and share experiences with others who are learning to use this problem solving method? Take your problem solving skills to the next level with this workshop series. You will participate in 3 two-hour workshops over a six week period. You will work in small groups with other participants.

Performance Objectives: During this course you will:
  • Share the current state of your problem solving effort or get advice about selecting a problem.
  • Receive feedback on the steps you have taken to date.
  • Make a plan for your next steps.
  • Receive feedback and advice on the next steps you have planned.
Objectives: As a member of a learning cohort guided by problem solving experts, you will receive:
  • Advice about each step of the problem solving method.
  • Coaching to effectively apply the steps to the problem you are trying to solve.
  • Feedback on problem solving steps you have already taken.
  • Tips and tricks from experienced problem solvers.
  • 10 Routes Around Problem Solving Barriers.
  • 10 Guidelines for Root Cause Discovery.
  • 10 Creative Idea Assassins to Avoid.
  • 6 hours of training credit.
Pre-requisite: Problem Solving the Washington Way

Intended Audience: All employees

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