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Training Category

Information Technology (IT) Training

Information technology training is not simply a support function but a strategic element of achieving organizational success.

Enterprise Services is a recognized leader in technology training in Washington State government. We partner with training organizations throughout the state to offer the best quality training from experts in their respective fields.

Scheduled Classroom Training
Access 2010 Level 1 (2 Days)
Access 2010 Level 2 (2 Days)
Access 2010 Level 3 (2 Days)
Access 2013 Level 1 (2 Days)
Access 2013 Level 2 (2 Days)
Access 2013 Level 3 ( 2 Days)
Acrobat XI (2 Days)
Articulate Storyline 2: Beyond the Basics Level 2 (2 Days)
ASP.Net MVC (4 Days)
ASP.NET Web API for REST Services (3 Days)
Beginning Web Design (2 Days)
Business Intelligence for SharePoint 2013 (2 Days)
Digital Forensics (3 Days)
Document Your Data Mastering Metadata (1/2 Day)
Effective Analysis: A Tour of GIS Tools (1/2 Day)
Efficient Geoprocessing with ModelBuilder (1 Day)
Excel 2016 Level 3 (2 Days)
Excel Dashboards and Reports (2 Days)
GIS: Analyzing Geographic Information Systems (2 Days)
GIS: Applying Geographic Information Systems (2 Days)
GIS: ArcGIS Pro Quick-Start for the GIS Professional (2 Days) - King Co.
GIS: Build Custom Map Applications with Web AppBuilder (1 Day) - King Co.
GIS: Collaboration and Analysis with Online Maps (1 Day)
GIS: Data Management in the Geodatabase (2 Days)
GIS: Designing Maps and Visualizing Data (1 Day)
GIS: Fundamentals of ArcGIS for ArcGIS 10x (2 Days)
GIS: Integrating Geographic Information Systems (2 Days)
GIS: Intermediate GIS Concepts for ArcGIS 10.x (3 Days) King Co.
GIS: Learning Geographic Information Systems (2 Days)
GIS: Mapping Data with ArcGIS for Office (1 Day)
GIS: Share Stories with Online Maps (1 Day)
GIS: Spatial Analyst - Working with Rasters (2 Days) - King Co.
GIS: Web Map & App Development: Mapping Data with ArcGIS Online (1 Day)
Internet Privacy and Browsing Anonymously (1 Day)
Javascript Level 2: Jquery (2 Days)
Managing and Creating Digital Content for Social Media (2 Days)
Network Security and Access Control (3 Days)
Penetration Testing (4 Days)
PowerShell: Active Directory (1 Day)
Program Management Fundamentals (2 Days)
Security Certificates, Risks and Disaster Recovery (3 Days)
SQL Server Database Development (2 Days)
SQL Server Fundamentals (2 Days)
SQL Server Integration Services - SSIS (3 Days)
SQL Server Performance Tuning and Monitoring (3 Days)
SQL Server Reporting Services (3 Days)
SQL Structured Query Language Level 1 (2 Days)
Topics in Advanced GIS Editing (1 Day)
Web & Internet Security (3 Days)
Available for your Workgroup by Request
Active Directory: Design, Developement and Administration (2 Days)
Active Directory: Group Policy (3 Days)
Articulate Storyline 2: Essentials (2 Days)
C# Level 1 (3 Days)
C# Level 2 (3 Days)
Camtasia Studio 8 (2 Days)
Dashboards and Data Visualization (4 Days)
Data Solutions Using ADO.NET (3 Days)
Data Warehouse Design and Implementation (2 Days)
Dreamweaver CS6 (2 Days)
Entity Framework (3 Days)
GIS: ArcGIS Online (AGOL) (1 Day)
GIS: Capability Maturity Model (1/2 Day)
GIS: Cartography and Map Designs (1 Day)
GIS: Fundamentals of ArcGIS for ArcGIS 10.1 (2 Days)
GIS: Intermediate GIS Concepts (3 Days) - King Co.
GIS: Program Management (1 Day)
GIS: Return on Investment (1/2 Day)
GIS: Strategic Planning (1 Day)
Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012 (5 days)
Introduction to User-Centered Design and Usability (2 Days)
ITIL Foundation (3 Days)
JavaScript Basics (3 Days)
Linux Administration (3 Days)
Managing Data Using SQL & GIS Tools (1 Day)
Photoshop Essentials: Making Photoshop Work For You (1 Day)
SharePoint 2010 for Users (3 Days)
SharePoint 2013 Administration (3 Days)
SharePoint 2013 Enterprise Content Management and Search (3 Days)
SharePoint 2013 for Publishing (2 Days)
SharePoint 2013 Performance Tuning and Architecture (2 Days)
SQL Level 2: Stored Procedures and More (2 Days)
SQL Server Administration (3 Days)
SQL Server Business Intelligence (4 Days)
Staying Current with GIS: Beyond the Basics (1/2 Day)
Visio 2013 Level 1 (2 Days)
Visual Basic Level 1 (3 Days)
Visual Studio for Software Developers (2 Days)
Web Application Development with ASP.NET 4 (3 Days)
Web Design & Usability Techniques (2 Days)
Windows 8.1 for New Users (1/2 Day)
Windows Application Development with .Net 4 (3 Days)
Windows Communications Foundation with .Net 4 (3 Days)
WordPress Level 1 (2 Days)