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Frequently Asked Questions


The Department of Enterprise Services (DES) is a state agency that merged all, or portions of, the following departments: General Administration, Printing, Personnel, Information Services, and the Office of Financial Management (OFM).

In creating the Department of Enterprise Services, Governor Chris Gregoire and the Legislature envisioned an agency that excels at customer service while providing highly valued and competitive services to state government and Washington residents.

How will DES improve the efficiency of Washington State government?

By bringing together the various agencies that provide services to other state agencies, DES will provide opportunities for streamlining processes, services and eliminating redundancies. It will also provide agencies with a one-stop shop for such basic services as printing, mail, purchasing and contracts.

How do I know which services went to DES, OFM or Washington Technology Solutions?

All of the functions of the Departments of General Administration and Printing are now part of DES.

The Department of Personnel was split between DES and the Office of the State HR Director at OFM. The policy functions (rules & appeals, workforce planning, classification and compensation, performance management and workforce data) are now under OFM. HR services (training, recruitment, small agency and employee assistance) are now part of DES.

Washington Technology Solutoins (WaTech) supports enterprise applications, including the statewide financial, administrative and reporting systems that were previously offered by OFM, DOP and GA. WaTech also contains the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO). The OCIO is responsible for statewide IT policy. WaTech provides the backbone infrastructure that supports the state's technology needs, including the state data center and utility systems such as phone and email.

Some functions of the Office of Financial Management also transferred to DES, including contracts and statewide vendors, risk management, and small agency client services.

Where is DES located?

Our headquarters is at 1500 Jefferson in Olympia, Washington. We also have operations at other locations.

Can state agencies reserve conference room space at 1500 Jefferson?

Only tenants of the 1500 Jefferson building can reserve conference rooms at this time.

Where do I go for training? Is there parking?

Training is held in various locations around the state, with our main training center located at 1500 Jefferson in Olympia. Check the training schedule or announcement for the location of a specific class. Once you've registered, you will receive directions and parking information.

For the training center at 1500 Jefferson, there is limited metered parking available in the visitor lot across Jefferson Street, at a cost of $1.50 per hour. This location is also served by Intercity Transit routes 601 and 603 and the DASH. It is within walking distance of state offices on the Capitol Campus.

How do I apply for a job at DES?

View all DES job openings.