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COVID-19 Information


Media Inquiries

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Other Questions?

Guidance and resources for COVID-19 topics related to the Department of Enterprise Services.

Public records and open public meetings

Meetings are virtual and open to the public in compliance with the Governor's Proclamation 20-28.

DES continues to respond to Public Records Requests, with some changes:

  • DES isn't required to provide in-person access to records.
  • DES offices don't need to be open for public inspection and copying of public records.
  • DES now has longer than five business days to respond to a request.

For questions about the OPMA or Public Records Requests, contact us at

COVID-19 vaccination requirement

Directive 22-13.1 issued August 5, 2022, requires state workers to be fully vaccinated as a condition of employment.

Volunteers and contractors doing business with the state also must be fully vaccinated. However, the vaccination requirement does not apply to contractors and volunteers who work primarily outdoors and do not perform delivery of health care services. Examples include contracted landscapers, contracted or volunteer wildland firefighters, and contracted construction workers.

The Governor’s website gives further guidance and resources on the vaccination requirement.

DES contacts contractors and reviews declarations for all public works contracts that the agency oversees for compliance with the proclamation. Agencies will be responsible to ensure compliance with the proclamation requirements for any on-site vendors contracted directly by the agency, such as security, or janitorial services not supplied by the lessor.

To check a contractor's status, contact the project manager.

Please be advised:

  • The Emergency Declaration ends Oct. 31, 2022.
  • COVID Safety Measures are still required under OFM’s Roadmap to Recovery.
  • Vaccine Declarations are still required for all other contract personnel.
  • Some agencies may continue to exercise their right to exceed the requirements in the proclamation and require outdoor contractors to be fully vaccinated.
  • Contractors are responsible for the protection of their workers. They are also responsible for the differentiation of those workers who work inside and must be vaccinated and those who work outside and do not need to be vaccinated. Only vaccinated individuals may enter any buildings.

Statewide contracts for goods and services

DES identified statewide (master) contracts for goods and services that require on-site work. DES has contacted vendors and reviewed submitted declarations for compliance with the proclamation. If a contractor is listed as verified, agencies retain authority to check for compliance, but are not required to do so. If a contractor is not listed as verified, and for all other master contracts that might have optional on-site work, the agency should work directly with the contractor to validate compliance.

Vendor list (Excel file) as of June 29, 2022.

DES will continue to contact statewide contract vendors who have not verified to encourage them to return their declarations and will document the date on which any further certifications are received so agencies can verify compliance for vendors providing on-site services.

Agencies using master contract vendors that have not certified must use their own processes to ensure compliance.

DES is prepared to investigate any allegations of violating the proclamations and take appropriate remedial actions.

Vaccination-related purchase exception

Agencies that need to replace goods and services that are currently provided by contractors or suppliers who do not comply with proclamation requirements may use the COVID-19 Vaccination-Related Purchase Exception.

Agencies are required to maintain a log of expenditures made using the purchase exception. Template for expenditures.

Leased facilities

For leased facilities, agencies are responsible for:

  • Reviewing declarations from landlords and verifying and tracking compliance.
  • Determining compliance with the proclamation requirements for any on-site vendors contracted directly by the agency, such as security, or janitorial services not supplied by the lessor.
  • Agency contracts making use of a DES master contract should follow the guidance provided for master contracts.
  • Agencies do not need to provide a copy of these declarations to DES.

The proclamation applies to subleases. If the State holds the master lease, and subleases space to another State agency or Private tenant, the proclamation applies to all spaces within the master lease including all subleased space. If the State is subleasing from a private tenant, the Proclamation applies to the State space. Agencies that sublease space from another agency should work with the master lease holder to determine compliance.

The Governor’s website gives guidance on which contractors are included in the Proclamation requirements. Agencies who have other questions or need further clarification can contact DES Real Estate Services:

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