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COVID-19 Information – DES Guidance


Media Inquiries

Linda Kent
Public Affairs Director
(360) 972-6413

DES Communications
(360) 407-8200

Other Questions?

April 3, 2020, 6:08 p.m.

DES is activated for logistics management and resource coordination by the state Emergency Operations Center. We are redirecting some agency resources to support the response. We appreciate your understanding as regular processes, services and responses to inquiries may be slower than normal.


Access Restrictions to State Agency Buildings

Many state agencies on campus have restricted access to their buildings. In most cases, the buildings are badge-only access for employees, and have special instructions for the public posted on their front doors - such as to call for an appointment:

  • Temple of Justice - State Supreme Court
  • Legislative Building
  • John L. O'Brien Building is currently closed for cleaning
  • John A. Cherberg Building is currently closed for cleaning
  • Irving R. Newhouse Building is currently closed for cleaning
  • John L. O'Brien Building is currently closed for cleaning
  • Capitol Court Building
  • State Archives Building
  • Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (also known as the Old Capitol Building)
  • Insurance Building
  • Helen Sommers Building
  • Office Building 2 - Bobby Jayz Cafe is open to building tenants and delivery orders 7 a.m. to 1 p.m.
  • Natural Resources Building - City Picnics Cafe is closed
  • DES Locations
    • 1500 Jefferson Building -- Megabites open 8 a.m.-1 p.m. for takeout.
    • Fones Road Fleet Operations
    • Parking Office in the Capitol Court Building
    • Printing & Imaging, Production Services and Fleet Operations office in Tumwater


Cleaning Protocol for the Capitol Campus

DES is deploying additional resources to clean and disinfect public areas on the Capitol Campus, and is increasing the frequency of this work. In addition, DES hired 30 additional on-call staff to assist as needed. DES continues to closely monitor the situation as the response – and guidance – evolves.

Increased cleaning and disinfecting

Examples of increased cleaning and disinfecting work:

  • Public entry doors (handles, push bars, surface area) – a minimum of four times a day, up from two.
  • Elevator buttons – three times a day, up from one.
  • Public counters in lobbies – twice a day, up from one.
  • Stair handrails – daily, up from weekly.
  • Agency breakrooms and kitchen appliances (vending machines, microwaves and refrigerators) – daily, up from weekly.
  • Conference room light switches – daily, up from weekly.

In addition, DES continues daily cleaning and disinfecting of restroom surfaces including sinks, faucets, restroom stalls and toilet paper dispensers.

DES will stay in close consultation with Thurston County Public Health and tenant agencies and continue to make adjustments as needed.

Targeted cleaning and disinfection

DES is providing provided targeted cleaning and disinfection upon request from Capitol Campus building tenants. Requests for targeted disinfecting should be made to the DES Work Management Center.

DES practices exceed current Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Department of Health and Occupational Safety and Health Administration guidance. The practices also take into account additional information from the CDC.


Construction Projects

Construction projects managed by DES

DES has determined that 108 DES construction projects are essential in accordance with the Governor’s Construction Guidance Proclamation 20-25. Projects deemed non-essential are in the process of temporarily shutting down. Essential projects are directed to comply with health and worker protection safety guidelines. To clarify status or to request inclusion on DES’s essential projects list, contact your DES contract project manager.

View the DES essential construction projects list. (List current as of 4/3/2020 at 4:41 p.m. To be updated every Friday.)

Construction projects in facilities leased by DES

State tenants in DES leased facilities must determine the essential or non-essential nature of their construction projects. The DES Real Estate Services Division requires a signed letter from the tenant agency’s Deputy Director or above stating the designation of the project. DES will communicate the designation with the landlord. For more information, tenant agencies or landlords should contact Regina M. Leccese, Design and Construction Program Manager, 360-407-9345.

Projects not connected to DES

The Governor’s Office has provided guidance on construction projects along with information on essential businesses and essential workforce roles. It is up to the contract holder or local jurisdiction to determine if a construction project is essential or non-essential.

Still have questions? To clarify status, or request inclusion on the Governor’s essential businesses list (including construction and public works projects), fill out this form. If you want to report suspected violations of the Governor’s orders regarding essential business functions, evictions, and social distancing, please fill out this form.


Employee Assistance Program

It is normal to feel anxious or have stress responses during an outbreak like COVID-19. These reactions can take a toll on you emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. The Washington State Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a confidential program available at no charge to state employees and their adult family members.

View materials for coping with stress during an outbreak. Visit or call 877-313-4455 for additional employee resources.


Attention Fleet Operations customers:

Beginning March 27, the Fones Road Fleet Operations facility will be temporarily closed in response to the Governor's "Stay Home, Stay Healthy" emergency order. Despite the closure, Fleet Operations staff are still available to assist you remotely.

For dispatch or daily rentals:

  • Fleet vehicles can be reserved online and picked up or dropped off at Inverse key-box locations on the Capitol Campus, Tumwater and the Department of Health.
  • Questions? Contact Fleet Operations Dispatch at (360) 664-9215, option #1, or

For maintenance vendors:

  • To find a vendor for vehicle maintenance, call (360) 664-9215, option #2.

For general information:

Fleet Vehicles

Despite the temporary closure of the Fones Road facility, DES continues to take steps to maintain a clean fleet of daily rental vehicles. DES is taking the following precautions daily:

  • Cleaning and disinfecting key boxes and keypads at satellite locations (Tumwater, Plaza Garage, and Department of Health).
  • Disinfecting interiors of vehicles at the Fones Road and satellite locations. This is in addition to regular cleaning.

DES recommends that agencies with permanently assigned vehicles take the following actions:

  • Daily cleaning and disinfecting of vehicles’ high touch areas with an EPA-registered disinfectant spray or wipe used according to the manufacturer product label.
  • High touch areas of vehicles include:
    • Keys
    • Steering wheel
    • Gear shift
    • Console
    • Door handles (interior and exterior)
    • Arm rests
    • Seatbelt hardware


Mail Delivery

At this time, Consolidated Mail Services (CMS) is operating as normal. Our staff are considered essential personnel and will continue to provide mail services to your agency.

If your agency needs to make adjustments to its operation, CMS has options for you to continue to send and receive mail critical to your business.

Should your office close:

  • Mail can still be delivered if we have access to the building.
  • Mail can be held at CMS for customer pick up.
  • If available, mail can be forwarded to another mailstop.
  • Outbound items can be brought to CMS for mailing or shipping.

We are happy to work with you to determine the best option for your agency. If you have questions about your specific business needs, please contact us by email at

Note: There is no evidence that people have gotten infected from packages. According to the World Health Organization, the likelihood of an infected person contaminating commercial goods is low and the risk of catching the virus that causes COVID-19 from a package that has been moved, travelled, and exposed to different conditions and temperature is low. The Centers for Disease Control says there is no evidence to support transmission of the virus through mail or imported goods.


Master Contracts for Cleaning Services

Master contracts that may be helpful in response to COVID-19 include the following:

Emergency Response to Hazardous Materials (Contract 00214)

  • NRC Environmental Services can assist with multiple different aspects of the Coronavirus/COVID-19 outbreak, specifically calling out cleaning and disinfecting but can also perform other services as well. The recommended contact would be Greg Harris 206-348-0429.
  • Global Diving can pull in resources from east coast partners specializing in medical/chemical outbreaks to also provide support. The preferred contact is Aaron Harrington (206) 730-9362.

Janitorial Supplies (Contract 00812)

  • This contract is for the purchase of green janitorial supplies and industrial paper products, including training, testing, consultation services, and dispensing machines, as an option for customers seeking environmental products that meet the Green Seal Organization standard and/or the Environmental Protection Agency, Designed for the Environment (DfE) standard.

Hand Sanitizers and Disinfectant Wipes:

NOTE: We currently do not have a master contract for janitorial services. However, this list of service providers are registered in WEBS and are service providers who were awarded the previous janitorial services master contract. The list includes vendor names, contact information, location, and county locations they serve. The last column on the spreadsheet identifies former Janitorial Master Contract vendors, should you find this information useful.


Parking on Capitol Campus


The Parking Office will be temporarily closed to walk-in traffic due to the Governor's "Stay Home, Stay Healthy" emergency order.

Visitor parking

Visitor parking remains open to the public without restriction. See interactive map for locations.

Monthly parking fees

Monthly fees for employee and agency parking will be charged as usual, even during this time of increased teleworking. Due to system limitations, parking fees are unable to be suspended or prorated.

Parking assignments

With many employees teleworking, it may be tempting to park in someone else's assigned building or stall. However, parkers are not permitted to share parking passes or stalls, and should only park where they have authorization to do so (WAC 200-200).

Parking Office Info

While the physical Parking Office is temporarily closed to serve walk-in traffic due to COVID-19, staff are working from home and are available to answer your questions.

Contact us:
(360) 725-0030
Parking Office webpage


Personal Protective Equipment (Purchasing and Donations)

The State of Washington is seeking to fill shortages of specific personal protective equipment (PPE) and infection-control products to support our medical system, first responders, public health and care facilities.

If you have PPE to sell, visit

DES is working to source and purchase needed items that are identified by the Department of Health.

Currently, we are receiving a high volume of inquiries and offers related to PPE, and are prioritizing response to the inquiries using the following factors:

  • Item quantity availability and how quickly items will arrive—those within a 10-day window are prioritized first.
  • How quickly required certifications can be verified, such as from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH).
  • Vendor standing and history; DES reviews and verifies current business licenses/registrations, such as with state and federal agencies.
  • DES is prioritizing small businesses, and state-certified minority-, women-, and veteran-owned businesses, to the extent possible.
  • Cost comparison, which considers volume price breaks and shipping costs.

Submissions that are best-qualified when these criteria are considered are highest priority for response and hear back from us first.


Public Records - Open Public Meetings

DES is complying with the March 24, 2020 Governor’s Proclamation 20-28 as follows:

Open Public Meetings Act (OPMA)

DES is subject to the OPMA. Any regular and special meetings will be open to the public. However during the COVID-19 disease outbreak the governor’s proclamation:

  • temporarily suspends OPMA language requiring agencies to provide a physical location for the public to attend meetings in-person. The public will continue to be permitted to attend the meetings however they may attend only remotely (not in-person). Example of such remote attendance may include conference call-in or remote access login number.
  • temporarily suspends other OPMA provisions requiring in-person activities or otherwise requiring a physical location or meeting activities related to a physical location/site or meeting room.
  • temporarily suspends the ability of DES to take "action" on matters at a meeting unless the matters are: (1) necessary and routine, or (2) necessary to respond to the outbreak and current public health emergency.

Public Records Act (PRA)

DES will continue to respond to public records requests. However during the COVID-19 disease outbreak the governor’s proclamation:

  • temporarily suspends PRA requirement that DES provide an ability for the public to conduct PRA business at an agency office, in-person, such as in-person inspection of records or in-person submission of PRA requests.
  • temporarily suspends the PRA requirement that DES offices must be open for public inspection and copying of public records for a minimum of 30 hours per week. DES must still have hours posted on its website.
  • temporarily suspends the PRA requirement that DES respond to public records requests within five business days.

If you have questions about the OPMA or Public Records Requests, please contact us by email at


Purchase Exception Process

Agency purchases due to the COVID-19 outbreak are excepted from competitive solicitation laws and policies until April 30, 2020.

Agencies making purchases related to COVID-19 must prepare a log of their purchases using the Coronavirus Special Market Conditions Purchase Template. You only need to fill out (and submit) the template if you are purchasing items that would normally require competition.

Employees should check with their agency's leadership to determine if there are additional tracking requirements for costs related to the COVID-19 response.


Surplus Operations

Due to Governor Inslee's "Stay Home, Stay Healthy" order, Surplus Operations is closed at this time. We will be closed thru at least May 4, 2020.

We understand that you may have traveled from another state in order to pick up your auction item unaware of Governor Inslee's proclamation. If that is the case, please call (360) 890-6622 and we may be able to assist you. We appreciate your understanding in this challenging time.

The online auction remains open. Bulk distribution, transportation and federal surplus services will also continue.


Suspended Activities and Events

The following Capitol Campus activities have been suspended until further notice:

  • Civic education (school) tours
  • Public tours of the Legislative Building
  • Public tours of the Governor's Mansion are postponed until September
  • All Capitol Campus events permitted through DES Visitor Services
  • Retail Store activities at Surplus Operations

The following events have been postponed until further notice:

Many other activities and events, including meetings, are being cancelled and postponed due to directives from Governor Jay Inslee including the "Stay Home, Stay Healthy" emergency order and social distancing recommendations. If you’re unsure if your event is moving forward as scheduled, please contact the organizer directly.



All Department of Enterprise in-person trainings at all locations are postponed until further notice. Your agency will not be charged for in-person training cancellations related to COVID-19 concerns. Please refer to the Online Learning Resources for Workforce Development for remote learning opportunities. Please send any questions to Thank you.