During its 2011 session, the Washington State Legislature passed Senate Bill 5931, which eliminated the departments of Information Services, General Administration, Personnel, and the State Printer, and created two new agencies: Consolidated Technology Services (CTS) and the Department of Enterprise Services (DES). The bill also created two new policy areas within the Office of Financial Management: the Office of the Chief Information Officer and the Office of the Human Resources Director. This legislation took effect on October 1, 2011.

The legislation outlines the DES mission to "implement a world-class, customer-focused organization that provides valued products and services to government and state residents." DES is envisioned as an agency that will "provide centralized leadership in efficiently and cost-effectively managing resources necessary to support the delivery of state government services."

DES consolidates the departments of General Administration (GA), Printing (PRT), and parts of the departments of Information Services (DIS), Personnel (DOP), and the Office of Financial Management (OFM).  DES employs nearly 1,100 staff and is tasked with a diverse set of responsibilities – everything from negotiating building leases and maintaining the Capitol grounds, to recruiting and training the state's workforce and designing and printing complex publications.

The new agency is primarily housed in the 1500 Jefferson Building, located at the corner of 14th Avenue and Jefferson Street in Olympia.