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Capital Projects Advisory Review Board


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Nancy Deakins, P.E.
Assistant Program Director
Dept. of Enterprise Services
(360) 407-9333
Talia Baker
Administrative Assistant
Dept. of Enterprise Services
(360) 407-8260


The 2005 Legislature created the Capital Projects Advisory Review Board (CPARB) under ESHB 1830 (RCW 39.10) to review alternative public works contracting procedures and provide guidance to state policymakers on ways to further enhance the quality, efficiency and accountability of public works contracting methods. CPARB and many stakeholders contributed to significant changes to RCW 39.10 that the 2007 Legislature enacted.


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Legislation of Interest

Weekly Legislative Activity on Bills of Interest:  2021

Please email ALL submissions to


Next Meeting:  September 9, 2021 

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Agenda - Pending

  • Meeting Minutes from May 17, 2021 - Pending
  • Meeting Minutes from June 9, 2021 - Pending

Pre-Reads: (pending submission by September 1st)

  • New Members
  • Committee Reports
  • Budget Update


    Board Meeting Dates for 2021

    • October 14, 2021
    • December 9, 2021


    Board Member Contact List

    (also see Member Information & Bios in the gray side bar)


    Current CPARB Committees

    • Board Development Committee
    • Business Equity\Diverse Business Inclusion Committee
    • Education\Outreach Workgroup
    • GC/CM Committee
    • JOC Evaluation Committee
    • Local Government Public Works Study Committee
    • Project Review Committee (PRC has their own separate webpage)
    • Subcontractor Bid Listing Policy Evaluation Committee


    CPARB Committee Meetings Coming Up

    See the Committee page for meeting details and documentation
    • BE\DBI Committee - 8/27/2021
    • GC/CM Committee - 9/29/2021
    • JOC Evaluation Committee - 8/19/2021
    • Project Review Committee - 9/23/2021
      (Please see PRC Homepage for more information)

    CPARB Recruitment

    The Board has a number of positions that will open up during the summer of 2021.  If you are interested in applying for one of the following positions, please go to the Governor's Boards & Commissions page to apply online as soon as possible.
    • Architects
    • Cities
    • Construction Trades\Labor
    • Disadvantaged Businesses - New!
    • General Contractor
    • Insurance/Surety/Industry

    PRC Recruitment

    PRC Recruitment is separate from the CPARB Recruitment
    Please see the below Recruitment Notice for more information.
    Posted in the Legals Section of the: 
    • Daily Journal of Commerce, and
    • Spokesman-Review


    Bylaws, Guidelines & Reports

    Through extensive stakeholder involvement with committees, CPARB has:

    • Recommended 21 public works bills (2 pending approval 2019) to the Legislature that address quality, efficiency, and accountability of traditional and alternative public works contracting, of which 12 passed into new law:
    • Major and minor improvements to alternative public works contracting, RCW 39.10:
      • Design-Build (DB), including allowing “progressive design-build” selection with price factors without designs submitted
      • General Contractor/Construction Manager (GC/CM), including allowing an alternative selection process for mechanical and electrical subcontractors, adding heavy civil project procedures, and addressing protests
      • Job Order Contracting (JOC), including increasing work order limit to $350k, increasing annual limits to $6M for King Co. and DES, and adding public bodies that can use the process
    • Responsible bidder criteria (added mandatory criteria into law and provided guidelines for using Supplemental bidder responsibility criteria) RCW 39.04.350
    • Timely processing & payment of undisputed claims (change orders) RCW 39.04.360
    • Increasing Small Works Roster project dollar limits & added provisions for small business
    • Performed studies and publish reports for the Legislature and Other's Use.
    • Discussed various improvements including: Small Business Opportunities, Responsibility/Eligibility, Job Order Contracting, Reauthorization, Heavy Civil GC/CM, and Life Cycle Cost Analysis & Energy Efficiency, Integrated project delivery and Best Value methods, ECCM/MCCM Best Practices

    Sunset Reviews by JLARC: 2013 & 2021 (expiration years, so sunset review typically takes place ~ 1 year before.)

    Web updates and questions can be sent to