Current CPARB Committees


Project Review Committee

Business Equity\Diverse Business Inclusion Committee

Established  2/14/2019


Walter Schacht (Architects), Bill Frare (DES), Janice Zahn (Ports), Olivia Yang (Higher Ed), Aleanna Kondelis (Higher Ed)


Focus efforts around:
  • Comprehensive review of 39.10 with lens of equity (include RCW 39.04 & 39.80).
  • Create consistency in language.
  • Evaluate and bring forth effective strategies and opportunities for firms to compete.

Board Development Committee:

Established 12/13/2018

Co-Chair: Bob Maruska
Co-Chair: Bill Frare


Bob Maruska (Ports), Bill Frare (DES), Lisa van der Lugt (OMWBE), Janice Zahn (Port of Seattle), Greg Fuller (Specialty Contractors)


To aid in candidate outreach, recruitment, improve transitioning, and educating new Board members on the roles, operating procedures, and the scope of the Board.

Education, Outreach & Web Development Workgroup

Established 12/11/2018

Co-Chair: Mike McCormick


Mike McCormick (Higher Ed), Bill Frare (DES), Elisa Young (OMWBE), Steve Crawford (School Districts), Shari Reiter-Johnson (L&I)

Seeking Representation From:

AGC, Eastern WA, Small Design Firms, Small Construction Companies, Veteran-Owned Businesses


Identify training opportunities across the State specifically for alternative public works, and create a link on the website where these training opportunities are identified and connected.
The idea is to leverage our partner organizations to “broaden the pool” and create a deeper and more widespread understanding of the best practices in the industry with regard to alternative public works.

JLARC Reauthorization Committee

Established 2/14/2019

Co-Chair: Rebecca Keith


Scott Middleton (Specialty Contractors), Olivia Yang (Higher Ed), Loren Armstrong (Ports), Rebecca Keith (Cities), Robynne Parkinson (Private Industry)

Seeking Representation From:

Architects, Construction Trades Labor, Counties, DES, Engineers, General Contractors, Insurance/Surety, OMWBE, Public Hospital Districts, School Districts, Small Business, Transit, Women and Minority Owned Business


Achieve the reauthorization of RCW 39.10

Data Collection Implementation Committee

Established 5/10/2018

Co - Chair: Andrew Thompson
Co - Chair: Rebecca Keith


Committee Goal:

Focus Data Collection Committee effort to collect data in response to JLARC’s recommendation #3 regarding GC/CM subcontractor and self-performance.

Next Meeting: TBD

Design-Build Statute Review Committee

Established 12/14/2017
Co-Chairs: Brett Earnest, Joe Kline, Steve Tatge, Janice Zahn,
Committee Goal: Comprehensively review the Design-Build provisions of RCW 39.10 and identify any issues that should be addressed in addition to (a) RFP requirements that do not align with progressive procurements and (b) clarity about honorarium payments.
Current Meeting:
Current Meeting Location: 520 Pike Street, Suite 2550, Seattle
Past Meetings:

JOC Evaluation Committee

Chair: Tae-Hee Han  Vice Chair: Quinn Dolan
Committee Goal: Review the data, look at best practices, recommend updates to JOC statute.
Members: Gina Owens (City of Seattle), Brent LeVander (Centennial Contractors), DES – Bob Bourg, Quinn Dolan (Centennial Contractors); Tae-Hee Han (Sound Transit), Joy Waynewood (Sound Transit), Chuck Meyer (Gordian), Brooke Teegarden (Gordian), Terry Keys (Gordian)
Next Meeting: March 25, 2019 @ 1 pm
Past Meetings:
  • September 25, 2018
    • Sound Transit Eastmont Conference Room, Bldg 603 1st floor
  • August 30, 2018
  • May 25, 2017

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