Current Lean Projects

​Project ​Description
​Workplace Consultation Process ​The workplace consultation process, from the time the call comes to the front desk through follow-up is inconsistent and lacking in flow causing confusion and waste. This process will address areas to gain efficiencies and maximize effectiveness throughout.
State Building Code Amendment Submission Process​ Improve the submission form.Improve and clarify the criteria for screening proposals for changes to building codes.Structure the review of the proposals by the Technical Advisory Group.
Contracts & Legal Services, Agency Contracts & Consulting & Oversight Internal Contracts Process​ Streamline and standardize the process for internal procurement and contract requests. Improve customer satisfaction and access to status information about requests.​
Printing & Imaging/Finance, Accounts Receivables Invoicing for Printing & Imaging Project​ Improve the billing process: reduce multiple billings for one order, ensure charges are correct and complete, ensure orders are closed and billed in a timely manner.​
Facilities and Services Rate Model The Facilities and Services Revenue Model is used to adjust agency budgets and DES billings for select services through out the statewide budget process. This project aims to standardize and streamline the use of this model.
Web Content Lifecycle This project aims to develop standard work processes and performance metrics for the body of work surrounding the creation, modification, and archival of web content on DES administered websites.
Finance, Accounts Payable Lean​ ​Establish standard work within the Accounts Payable program.
Real Estate Services, New Space Transactions Standardize the new space transaction process by adapting the standard process for lease renewals. Develop a proactive approach that increases lead time to effectively negotiate a lease and subsequent build out of new space.
Consolidated Mail Services​ ​Improve inventory management so that insert jobs are accurate, errors are eliminated, and rework is unnecessary.
Buildings and Grounds, Tenant Improvement Process ​Buildings and Grounds provides services to customers that require building improvements, modifications and maintenance. This project is aimed to target the flow of work through the multiple process partners, reduce areas of waste, decrease communication gaps, timeliness and standard work.
Consolidated Mail Services, Equipment Ordering ​Enterprise Services is required to review current and prospective needs of state agencies for any equipment to process mail throughout state government. this review process has been adjusted over time and needs review to gain maximum efficiency and effectiveness.
Finance, Small Agency Accounts Payable Process Refinements​ Continue to refine the AP process for this group to ensure standard work.​
Facilities, Security & Access Services Badge Process​ Standardize and cut the time it takes to process a request for building access and ID badges. Improve communication and customer satisfaction.​