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Results of Lean Projects

Project​ ​Savings / Gains
​Contracts and Legal Outreach Process
  • Documented standardized process including internal policy and procedure.
  • Defined Roles and responsibilities.
  • Measurement and monitoring process in place to support continuous improvement.
​HR Position Lifecycle


  • Cycle time for processing personnel action requests reduced to 1 day.
  • Incoming yield on personnel action requests increased from 42% to 64%. Will work at continued improvement to a goal of 98%.
  • Eliminated need for reconciliation.
Lease Renewal Process​
  • Reduced lease backlog by 82% (from 127 to 23) by December 2013.
  • Improved communication and customer engagement, less rework and higher quality.​
Vendor Registration​ Process
  • Reduced the amount of records with identified issues by 78.9%.
  • Reduced send backs from 7% to 4.7% (on average).
  • Reduced the send back process by 5 working days.
  • Reduced processing time for vendor registration forms created capacity for staff to focus on other value-added work.​
Work Order Processing​
  • 90% increase in work orders being turned in upon job completion (from 50% to 95%). 
  • 170% increase in automatic email notifications sent to customers once work is complete (from 37% to 100%).
  • 100% of jobs are tracked on individual work orders.​
Custodial Supply Ordering​ Process​
  • Increased the percentage of items within established min/max levels 141% (from 17% to 41%).
  • Saved two hours per week previously spent moving supplies.
  • Improved employee morale by eliminating unnecessary work.
  • Improved cooperation and understanding with the B&G Procurement and Supply team.​
 Processing ​of DOT Claims
  • Increased claim coding accuracy to 90%.
  • Reduced payment request errors by 73%.
  • Reduced the time to pull payment information for Audit by 88%.
  • Reduced claim reserve wait time by 74%.
  • Increased claims resolved within 60 days by 20%.
  • Reduced claims scanning process time by 75% - streamlining processes and leveraging improved scanner functions.​
Fleet Vehicle Acquisition Process​
  • Better customer service as a result of more frequent, standard communications.  Increased number of communication touch points from two to four.
  • Improvements saved employees approximately three hours per week. 
  • Reduced approximately one week of processing time for each vehicle.​
​CTS & DES Finance Core & Data Network Billing
  • Reduced rework for Infra tickets by 35%.
  • Reduced number of quality control checks and built quality into process.
  • Eliminated duplicate data networks tickets (eliminating work for both agencies).
  • Expedited one-time charges from vendors by more than 50%. Prompt billing eliminates confusion & reduces inquiries, recovering five days of staff time per month.
​Public Works & Energy Contracting​ Process
  • ​Implemented mistake-proofed forms for agreement amendments and for change orders to reduce rework to save an estimated 12 days per amendment and 13 days per change order.
  • Created email templates to eliminate key-boarding, copying, and scanning of some letters which saved each Contracts Specialist four hours per week in time and also saved paper.
​Printing Intake Process
  • ​Cut print job intake workflows from five to four.
  • Decreased  cycle time by
    --53% for overall job intake process
    --43% for estimates
  • Created a knowledge library, standard work processes, eliminated forms and instituted a new intake process.
​Printing Roll Stock Production
  • ​Saved $80,000 per year by moving roll stock production in-house.
​Envelope Re-Order Process
  • ​Eliminated delays in order processing.
  • Saved staff approximately 12 hours per month in tracking orders.
​Risk Management’s Annual Property Insurance Scheduling and Billing Process
  • ​Decreased phone activity related inquiries from approximately 810 calls in 2011 to nine in 2012.
  • Decreased email activity related to inquiries from approximately 350 emails in 2011 to seven emails in 2012.
  • Implemented new online information for customers including:
    --Property insurance add/delete form to mistake-proof process
    --FAQs and contact info
    --Property insurance schedule as requested.
  • Improved the invoice per customer feedback