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Draft Policies - Guidelines Under Review


Policies under review

View the Enterprise Procurement Policy schedule.

May 23 Policy Workshop discussion items

Workshop Presentation: Direct Buy, Environmental, Contract Management

Workshop Presentation: 18-03 Status Update

Workshop memo

Direct Buy Policy

Executive Order 18-03

This policy has taken effect as of July 1, 2019. You can find more information on the EO 18-03 webpage.

Environmental Policy

Contract Management

We would especially appreciate hearing your thoughts on:

  • What are your agency needs in a contract management policy?
  • Should the policy be based on the Washington State Contract Management Training Program?
  • Other information that we should be aware of or research?


Policies/documents that were reviewed at the September 19, 2018 Workshop

Thank you for all of the feedback received! Feedback is currently being reviewed by DES.