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Non-state employee contract and procurement training

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​Contracts and Procurement Training Manager

Cheryl Shaw
(360) 407-9376

Training and Development Administrator

Teresea Ruder
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Welcome to the Library

eLearning courses in the Library require an Internet connection and a web browser to play the course. Learners can access these courses on a variety of computing platforms, devices, web browsers, and varying levels of Interntet bandwidth.

Our courses are developed and tested to run successfully using a PC or Laptop on Internet Explorer 11. Check with your IT professional before making any changes to your workstation.

Training courses provided in the Library are based on Washington State law RCW 39.26 and may not reflect the internal process or policy of your organization. Certificates are not provided upon completion of courses taken through the Contracts and Procurement eLearning Course Library. Once you have completed a course, please take our quick 3 second survey.

You have come to the right place! In support of our partnership with non-state entities, contracts and procurement eLearning courses are made available to you 24/7 through our eLearning Course Library. 

Please note: Courses in the Library are designed for state employees; they contain verbiage that does not apply to non-state employees.

Need to refresh skills already learned? Need to prepare to take a course in the LMS?  If your answer is YES, then you are in the right place.

State employees are required to take contracts and procurement training through the state's Learning Management System (LMS) and therefore will NOT receive credit for taking eLearning courses launched from the DES Contracts and Procurement eLearning Course Library.

Learn more about how to take training as a state employee on DES's Contract and Procurement Training and Development web page. 

Available Now

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Master contracts save time, money and are an easy method to meet your agency’s procurement needs. Take this course to learn how to take advantage of collective buying power through the use of master contracts. 
Course Description       Course Resources 

For employees who initiate, manage, monitor or serve on a contract.
Course Description       Course Resources

  • Module 1 - Contract Management Overview
  • Module 2 - Contract Management Phases and Functions
  • Module 3 - Essential Elements of Contract Management
  • Module 4 - Contract Changes, Disputes, Appeals 

For employees who support the agency in procurement, including policy, strategy, analysis, negotiation, coordination and procurement management.
Course Description       Course Resources

  • Module 1 - Purchasing and Procurement Overview
  • Module 2 - Choosing a Route for Purchases of Goods, and Procurement of Services
  • Module 3 - Competitive Procurements, Amendments, and Exemptions
  • Module 4 - Purchasing and Procurement Processes 

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For employees who make routine, small purchases and those who use agency purchasing cards.
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Learn through scenarios designed to assist in identifying real or perceived ethical procurement violations.
Course Description       Course Resources 

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This training will provide a brief summary on how to implement the Washington State Legislator’s new mandate regarding wage theft in an efficient, cost-effective manner.  
Course Description       Course Resources