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Welcome to the online guide for Washington state government’s gPDCA Problem Solving Method. If you are new to the gPDCA problem solving method, this guide will provide you with information to help you complete all five phases of the method. If you are already an experienced problem solver or coach, this guide will provide you with standard and easily accessible reference information you can use to help other problem solvers learn this proven, powerful method.

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When should I use the gPDCA problem solving method?

Some problems are so simple to solve, you can “just go solve it” with little effort or coordination required. However, when the problem is complex or impacts other team members, you should use the gPDCA method to make sure the right people get involved and the cause of the problem gets eliminated.

Here are just a few examples of situations where the gPDCA problem solving method should be used:

  • You realize there is a gap between expected and actual performance in your process.
  • Your equipment repeatedly fails and interrupts or delays your process.
  • Complaints from customers or employees are significant or repetitive.

Why should I use the gPDCA problem solving method?

The gPDCA problem solving method will:

  • Engage the people who do the work in improving the work.Provide a consistent and measurable approach to solving problems throughout state government.
  • Discover facts and data that will help in decision making.
  • Result in eliminating the cause of the problem rather than just the symptom(s) of the problem.
  • Help leaders and employees throughout state government make improvements and deliver better value to more Washingtonians.

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