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Loss Prevention Services and Training


The Loss Prevention Program provides a variety of services, training and education to assist state agencies, boards, commissions and institutions of higher education in preventing or reducing loss.

  • Risk assessments - help agency managers brainstorm agency risks, prioritize the risks at an enterprise level and develop mitigation strategies.
  • Enterprise risk management maturity assessments - help agency managers assess their current ERM maturity and provide suggestions for improvement.
  • Loss Prevention Review Team guidance and support.
  • Root cause analysis training - to determine why something happened and to prevent a recurrence by fixing the cause(s), not the symptom.
  • Risk-based decision making training - a step-by-step approach to empowering your employees to make risk-based decisions.
  • Risk consultations regarding emerging trends.
  • New risk manager orientation - new risk managers learn about insurance, the Self-Insurance Liability Account, tort claim process, enterprise risk management and loss prevention.
  • Quarterly Risk Managers Forums - trainings on various topics—held at 1500 Jefferson Street SE.  These forums also provide the opportunity for risk managers to meet and exchange information with peers.
  • Monthly webinars - training on various topics - held at 1500 Jefferson Street SE. 
  • Periodic training from industry experts.
  • Provide loss history information.

For more information about the Loss Prevention Programs services and training, contact Leslie Atkinson, Loss Prevention Program Manager at (360) 480-9065.

In addition, the DES training division offers a variety of other Risk Management training (after clicking on this link, scroll down on the page for a list of scheduled and on demand courses).

To register for these training classes, contact your agency training representative or refer to the training web page.

Training Videos

The Office of Risk Management (ORM) maintains a collection of loss prevention videos for Washington State agency use only. These videos are provided for risk management training and other agency loss prevention initiatives.