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Frequently Asked Move Questions


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My hiring agency is helping with my move. How do I start?

First, read the Employee Move Guide. It provides all necessary information and the A33 Relocation Authorization form.

How do I get my vehicle(s) transported?

You  are responsible for the cost of shipping vehicles or renting auto dollies and tow trailers to transport a vehicle. If you choose to drive your vehicle, an agency may pay mileage at rates. Procedures vary; contact your hiring agency for more information.

What is the “hired” date?

This is the day the hiring agency has offered and you have accepted employment. It is not the first day of work at your new agency.

My actual cost exceeds the estimated cost. What can I do?

A reasonable estimate will be within 15 percent of the cost. The carrier is entitled to payment for actual services rendered based on the actual weight transported. Contested charges can be submitted in writing to the hiring agency or to Master Contracts & Consulting.

I have estimates from movers and the costs varies widely. What should I look for?

Look at the weight, mileage, number of packing containers, access charges and the type of estimate (binding or nonbinding).

Do I get to decide what moving company to use?

You will be asked to select a “state-assigned” move or a “self-move.” If you select a state-assigned move, your hiring agency will assign a mover. If you select a self-move, you submit your receipts and the A33 Form to your hiring agency for reimbursement upon completion of your move.

Is there an advantage to a state-assigned move?

Yes. The state negotiates moving contracts with licensed carriers under a national account. We get low rates, preferential (Monday through Friday) pack/load/delivery dates, and delivery is guaranteed within nine days from day of load.

Are there advantages to a “self-move”?

Yes. You determine the dates for pack/load/delivery and you negotiate directly with the carrier of your choice. You are reimbursed within set allotments according to your costs or up to the equivalent cost of a state-assigned move.

Is my housing search at my destination covered?

Costs of travel to an area to search for housing may be provided by an agency, at its discretion. This is reported to the IRS as taxable income. You are responsible for any costs of traveling or moving expenses BEFORE being hired by an agency.