We currently do not have a Master Contract for these services. This list of service providers are registered in WEBS and also contains service providers who were awarded the previous Janitorial Services Master Contract. The list includes vendor names, contact information, location, and county locations they serve. The last column on the spreadsheet identifies former Janitorial Master Contract vendors, should you find this information useful.

COVID-19 Purchase Exception

After analysis of all statewide expenditures reported by agencies to DES under the competitive solicitation exception, we believe it is in the best interest of the state to sunset the exception on June 30, 2021. We understand that a few agencies continue to need the competitive solicitation exception in order to conduct their business efficiently. We have reached out to those agencies separately in order to alert them that the exception will no longer be available after June 2021. If your agency believes that it will require the exception beyond this sunset date, please request an exception from the DES Director. See RCW 39.26.125 (7). Exception requests should be sent to DelegatedAuthority@des.wa.gov.

Master Contracts that agencies may find helpful

Emergency Response to Hazardous Materials - contract 00214

NRC Environmental Services can assist with multiple different aspects of the Coronavirus/COVID-19 outbreak, specifically calling out cleaning and disinfecting but can also perform other services as well. The recommended contact would be Greg Harris (206) 348-0429.

Global Diving can pull in resources from east coast partners specializing in medical/chemical outbreaks to also provide support. The preferred contact is Aaron Harrington (206) 730-9362.

Cleaning Products (includes janitorial products) - contract 00812


Hand Sanitizers/Disinfectant Wipes


Disposable Hospital/Medical Gloves - contract 05311


Other Janitorial Services options that currently exist for customers:

  • Extension of current contract- If you have a 2nd tier contract awarded from Master Contract #00508, customers can extend their contract up to, but not beyond, April 14, 2020.
  • Direct Buy- If the cost for the specific work is $10,000 or less annually, the customer may select providers utilizing their Direct Buy authority. In addition, agencies are authorized to acquire janitorial services up to a cost of $13,000 (excluding sales tax) directly from a vendor and without competition if the purchase is being made from a veteran owned, minority owned or women owned, microbusiness, minibusiness, or small business as those terms are defined by RCW 39.26.010 (16), (17) and (22).
  • Custodial services provided by DES within Thurston County- For rates and services contact or (360) 586-0370 or Cory.Noffsinger@des.wa.gov.
  • Competitive solicitation- If the need exceeds the Direct Buy limit and custodial services provided by DES are not in scope, a competitive solicitation must take place. Your purchasing department would conduct the competitive solicitation.

Additional information: DES has provided a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document as a resource for customers.

Resources for the Competitive Process

  • Download and complete the Work Request Form.
    • Enter the customer information and the required tasks and frequencies. Embed any applicable documents such as floor plans or background check information.
  • Convert Work Request form to a Request for Qualifications and Quotations (RFQQ) and post the request using Washington's Electronic Business Solution (WEBS).
  • Conduct the Site Visit. Print the site visit sign in sheet and review the site visit guidelines tab in the Work Request form.
  • Evaluation and Award
    • Complete the Bid Template Calculations tab using references from the vendor.
    • Convert RFQQ template into a contract and award to Apparent Successful Bidder.
    • Close out the solicitation in WEBS.

Other Applicable Forms

Contact us with questions at DESCPRMHealHumServ@des.wa.gov or (360) 407-2210.