Janitorial Services


​Janitorial Services – Master Contract 00508

The Janitorial Services Master Contract can help your organization obtain janitorial services specific to your needs. The Department of Enterprise Services (DES) handles the prequalification steps and may help your organization with posting requirements and award, saving you time and money. The contract offers the following efficiencies and features:

  • A Small Project Exemption to the Two-Tier process
  • Streamlined evaluation and award process
  • Pre-qualified Pool of Vendors & reference scoring by DES
  • Standardized Work Request Form
  • Standardized Request for Quote & Qualification Form for Bidders
  • Options to use Environmentally friendly cleaning products
  • MWBE suppliers

Janitorial Services Options

Master Contract #00508 allows for 3 options to procure services:

  1. Small Project Exemption- If the customer believes the cost for the specific work is $10,000 or less annually, the customer may select directly from the pre-qualified contractor pool established in the first tier and directly negotiate a contract. In addition, agencies are authorized to services up to a cost of $13,000 (excluding sales tax) directly from a vendor and without competition if the purchase is being made from a veteran owned, minority owned or women owned, microbusiness, minibusiness, or small business as those terms are defined by RCW 39.26.010 (16), (17) and (22).
  2. Custodial services provided by DES within Thurston County - For rates and services contact or (360) 902-0961 or Cory.Noffsinger@des.wa.gov.
  3. Competitive process-If the job exceeds the Small Project Exemption and services from DES are not in scope, the second tier competitive process must take place. This can be facilitated by your organization or by DES.

Second Tier Competitive Process

  • Download and complete the Work Request Form
  • Convert Work Request form to RFQQ and post the request to the prequalified vendor list (Janitorial Vendors) using Washington's Electronic Bid System (WEBS) *
  • Conduct the Site Visit
  • Evaluation and Award*
    • Complete the bid tab using references from the vendor or DES*
    • Convert RFQQ to contract and award to Apparent Successful Bidder.*
    • Close out in WEBS*

* DES may facilitate these steps for your organization. If you would like us to facilitate the second tier process for you:

DES supports your organization through the procurement process. Contact us at any time with questions at DESCPRMHealHumServ@des.wa.gov or (360)407-2210.

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