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Non-IT Professional Services Master Contracts


DES Non-IT Professional Services Master Contracts allow customers to purchase a variety of professional servcies. These contracts are awarded in several ways:

  • 2-Tier Master Contracts: There are two ways to complete purchases under these non-IT 2-Tier contracts:
    Option 1: Rapid Selection - For small projects under $10,000 (excluding sales tax) or $13,000 (excluding sales tax) if the purchase is being made froma  micro-, mini- or small business as defined by RCW 39.26.010, Purchasers can complete a Rapid Selection Award (no competition required). You can also find more information by reviewing DES Policy # DES-125-03.
    Option 2: Tier 2 Solicitation - For larger projects (over the $10k & $13k ceiling explaiend in Option 1), Purchasers must complete a Tier 2 Soliication.
    Details on both options can be found in the Tier 2 Handbook on the Contract Summary Page, under "Resources" for each contract (found via the links in the "Column No" column of the table below).
  • Master Contracts: Allow for direct purchases from any of the awarded vendors on the contract (no additional 2nd Tier work required). Some of the Master Contracts are awarded to a single state-wide vendor, others awarded to multiple vendors fo service across the state, and still others are awarded based on the customer's location. Details on how each contract is awarded can be found on the contract's summary page (found via the links in the "Column No" column of the table below).
  • Courtesy Postings: These postings are not Master Contracts, but helpful links for services offered by other state agencies or institutions of higher education.


Contract No: Contract Title Contract Specialist
2-Tier Master Contracts  
06915 Business Analysis Consulting Services Roni Field
05814 Consulting Services - Coaching & Facilitation Roni Field
06914 Management Analysis Consulting Services Roni Field
06014 Customer Survey Services Roni Field
05714 Executive Recruitment Consulting Services Roni Field
05414 Human Resource Performance Management Consulting Services Roni Field
05914 Organizational Development Consulting Services Roni Field
09514 Personnel Investigations Roni Field
05014 Environmental Consulting Services Roni Field
05913 Financial and Auditing Services Roni Field
01215 Lean Consulting Services Roni Field
04215 Mediation Services Roni Field
Master Contracts  
00612 Commercial Card Solutions Roni Field
01111 Survey/Data Collection Services Roni Field
00810 Process Server Services Roni Field
02912 Debt Collection Services Roni Field
Courtesy Postings (not master contracts)  
02810 State Records Center Document Management Roni Field
00408 WSU - Event Coordination & Conference Service Roni Field
07615 WWU - Business & Economic Service Roni Field