Statewide Vendor Number Lookup


The Statewide Vendor/Payee Services unit is now part of the Office of Financial Management. You can view their webpages at

OFM Statewide Vendor/Payee Helpdesk Contact Information

(360) 407-8180

(360) 664-3363


The Statewide Vendor database online search is intended for status inquiries of active vendors registered with the entities already on file. Customers are cautioned to avoid interpreting search result information as an indication that a vendor is or is not available for use.

Number of items returned: 1
SWV NumberSuffixVendor NameAddress
SWV021745200Curacy Apparel LlcDBA CURACY
2602 S 90TH AVE
YAKIMA, WA 98903
Number of items returned: 1