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IT Contracts & Purchasing


About Information Technology Contracts

DES’s Information Technology Contracts (ITC) program is a unit of the Contracts and Procurement Division. ITC derives its authority from Chapter 39.26 RCW, through which it manages master IT contracts and provides procurement assistance to support the IT-acquisition goals of public entities across Washington.

ITC’s customers include Washington state agencies, cities and counties, public schools and higher education, and other public and nonprofit entities. Learn how to purchase using Washington State Master Contracts. Using DES contracts is as easy as signing our Master Contract Usage Agreement.

Technology master contracts

ITC's technology master contracts allow customers in many cases to purchase directly from a vendor or conduct targeted solicitations to hire the best contractor for their needs. DES’s IT contracts offer the potential for volume savings through a broad customer base with access to a wide range of vendors qualified to provide IT services, hardware, software and other IT products.

ITC works to keep its customers informed through clear communications that respect their timelines, priorities and budgets.

Technology leasing

Technology leasing helps state agencies reduce the costs of desktop PCs, laptops, printers, or servers. With the Lease Program, agencies have a cost-effective solution for replacing old or obsolete equipment. This technology replacement strategy helps agencies stay current and meet state technology standards, while reducing technology costs by 10 to 15 percent.