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Committed to Fully Satisfied Customers

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IT Contracts Purpose Statement

Information Technology Contract Team establishes contracts and provides knowledgeable consulting services for public organizations serving Washington communities. We work with customers transparently, ethically, efficiently and professionally to achieve customer and team satisfaction.


In early 2017, the IT Contracts team (ITC) confirmed that many of its customers' expectations were not being met. The entire IT Procurement team is committed to making meaningful, sustainable changes important to customers.

Initially, IT Contracts staff talked face-to-face with procurement professionals and IT staff in roughly 45 organizations of state and local government, higher education and K-12, and special districts and other political subdivisions.

What was learned

Through the customer interviews, ITC identified many barriers to customer satisfaction, which helped ITC set goals for what it needs to achieve first, then in the intermediate future and farther out. ITC is staying in touch with customers on a regular basis for continuous, objective and meaningful feedback.

From the customers' comments, ITC distilled their expectations into six categories.

How can you be part of the journey?

Customers can be involved in helping IT Contracts meet expectations for being fully satisfied customers.

Be in touch – call us at (360) 407-2218 or email us at image

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Volunteer to be part of customer advisory teams as ITC works toward new contracts or considers extending or terminating existing contracts.

Commitment to ongoing feedback

We will measure the effectiveness of our action plans through ongoing customer interviews at the frequency of customers’ choosing – monthly, quarterly or bi-annually. Regular customer feedback and ratings will show to what degree their expectations are being met and guide our continuous improvement accordingly. You can view the most recent ratings below.