Master contract suggestions


Master contract queue

These are the contracts ITC is working to make a reality, right now.

1. Audio-visual solutions:  Based on multiple customer requests, DES is actively working on a new master contract for commercial-grade audio-visual communication systems and services, including design, installation and equipment for sound, video, lighting, display and projection systems. DES is building a stakeholder team to research the marketplace and establish specifications for the new master contract. Contract will Include: Induction loop system for the hearing-impaired: An induction or inductive loop is an electromagnetic communication or detection system used for transmission and reception of communication signals, or for detection of metal objects in metal detectors or vehicle-presence indicators. One application for this product is to address ADA compliance by transmitting the spoken word directly and clearly to a listener’s hearing aid equipped with a T-coil. This contract is approaching the final review stage before posting to WEBS.

2. RFID (radio-frequency identification): Radio-frequency identification (RFID) uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track tags attached to objects. The tags contain electronically stored information.

Potential master contracts:

These customer suggestions for new master contracts are under review; please give ITC your feedback by e-mail to help determine the level of customer demand for the contract.

1. Point of sale (POS) system: A point of sale system is a combination of software and hardware that allows merchants to process payment transactions as it relates to the business operation.

2. Drone detection – An effective drone-detection system consists of a Cloud-based network of sensors that detect drones in real time based on signatures.

Suggest a new IT contract

To submit a suggestion for a new master contract, e-mail

Suggest a new product on an existing IT contract:

Let ITC know if we can help add a product you need to an existing contract. The vendor for the proposed product must be already on the contract; DES will need to verify the scope of the contract allows the vendor to add a product. E-mail your request directly to the contract specialist managing the contract or e-mail the ITC team at