Geographic Information System (GIS) technology leverages this geographic insight to address social, economic, business, and environmental concerns at local, regional, national, and global scales. ESRI is built on the philosophy that a geographic approach to problem solving ensures better communication and collaboration.

To take advantage of discounted pricing for specific ESRI products:

  • orders for ESRI MUST be placed through ESRI
  • is administered by the Department of Enterprise Services (DES) Contracts & Legal Services Division
  • may be used by governmental entities to purchase contract products and services
  • products and services may not be purchased for personal use
  • Complete, sign, and return the ESRI Authorized Entity Acknowledgement Statement and email a copy to Cara Golde.
  • Purchasers must have completed a Master Contracts Usage Agreement (MCUA).
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Contract Expires: 09/30/2017
Cody Main
(800) 447-9778, ext. 2789
Cody Main​
(800) 447-9778, ext. 2789