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Information Technology Professional Services (ITPS)


What is ITPS?

ITPS is a group of categorized lists or "pools" of IT service providers within WEBS, the state's solicitation-notification system, for state purchasers to use when they seek competitive proposals for their IT business needs. The categories identify common IT business needs of state government. In an effort to streamline program entry for service providers, DES has developed a simple click-through program agreement to replace a formal procurement process. Service providers can identify their expertise and have their company names added to appropriate notification lists in ​WEBS.

How do I get onto a notification list?

Complete and submit a new program agreement here: 08215 Master Contract. Submittals will be batched and reviewed for completeness and compliance no later than the 20th of the month prior to the start of the next quarter. Example: New applications received by March 20 are batched and reviewed before the April 1 beginning of Quarter 2. Vendors must provide all requested data and agree to all certifications and assurances. At the beginning of each quarter, the notification lists in WEBS will be updated to reflect new service providers who provided submittals as instructed and the master roster below will be updated. NOTE: DES cannot expedite this schedule.

ITPS contract is changing soon

DES is in the process of restructuring the ITPS master contract to create a more consistent and efficient method of purchasing IT services that fully meets competitive procurement requirements and addresses major customer and vendor challenges with the current contract.

What does this mean for vendors?

DES is restructuring the ITPS contract and categories. As we award final contracts under the new structure the corresponding categories under contract 08215 will not be available for new vendors.

What does this mean for purchasers?

Purchasers will be able to continue using existing contracts until new contracts are awarded.

The following IT service categories are available to purchasers:

Service strategy categories

Project management categories

Services delivery categories

IMPORTANT: Addition to a list is no guarantee of work or payment of funds by an agency or other state purchaser. Notification lists are used by purchasers to advertise competitive solicitations. In order to obtain work, service providers will be required to submit proposals for evaluation.

While DES recommends to purchasers that all companies on a notification list be notified and does not recommend a minimum number of companies to notify, purchasers have the right to notify the number of service providers they determine to be appropriate for their processes.

Program roster

08215 Master Roster NOTE: This spreadsheet is not used by purchasers for solicitation notification purposes; it is simply a reference tool that shows participating service providers and the notification lists in WEBS to which they have been added.

Legacy program: Terminated 2/15/16

Please note: On Feb. 15, 2016, all then-existing ("legacy") categories of notification lists in WEBS were deactivated and permanently replaced by the new ones. The following master contracts were terminated:​

  • All contracts numbered T##-MST-### (DES reference number 09212)
  • All contracts numbered 04113, 05613, and 05813

IMPORTANT: While there will be no further work orders incorporating the above contracts, existing work orders will survive their termination according to the terms at the time of work order execution.

Sales reporting requirement

As a required element of any company's addition to the ITPS notification lists in WEBS, it must agree to sales-reporting requirements as detailed on this webpage. Any company that has been added to any ITPS notification list in WEBS is required to submit a quarterly sales report detailing all amounts invoiced during that quarter to DES whether or not the company had sales during that quarter. An "amount invoiced" is a sales amount listed on an invoice less any taxes, returns, credits, or adjustments. For reporting support, companies may refer to the sales reporting instructions and our new eLearning course. For sales reporting questions, please contact the Contracts Resource Center at 360-407-2210 or Failure to accurately report sales every quarter may be cause for removal from the program.

DES management fee

Each quarter, program participants must remit a management fee to DES for all amounts invoiced for work orders resulting from their ITPS agreement. The fee is 1.5 percent (.015) of all amounts invoiced. An "amount invoiced" is a sales amount listed on an invoice less any taxes, returns, credits, or adjustments.

DES will calculate the fee as follows, using the quarterly sales data you provide: .0015 X total of all amounts invoiced for that quarter.

Payment Instructions:

  1. Include the fee in all prices and do not list the fee as a separate line item on any invoice.
  2. Collect and hold the management fee in trust for DES until invoiced by DES. Do not pay prior to receiving an invoice.
  3. Within 30 days of receiving your quarterly sales report, DES will provide you with an invoice.
  4. Payment is due within 30 days of the invoice date.
  5. Remit payment to the address provided on the DES invoice.
  6. With every payment, reference the following.
    1. DES invoice number;
    2. agreement number;
    3. your company's name as it is known to DES;
    4. year and quarter for which the management fee is being remitted;
    5. all work orders for which sales amounts were invoiced during the reporting period.
  7. When agreed by DES, the DES management fee can be paid through Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) to an Automated Clearing House (ACH). You may utilize the ACH "Debit" option, which is an arrangement between you and DES's bank. You initiate the action, specifying the amount of funds and the effective date of payment. On the effective date, the funds are withdrawn from your account and transferred to the DES account. DES account information and a toll-free number to initiate the quarterly transaction will be provided by separate instrument. There is no additional cost to you.