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IT Professional Services Re-Bid


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Enterprise Services is working to restructure the IT Professional Services (ITPS) master contract #08215. Here are the highlights of some changes being considered.

  • Move from the current Two-Tier contract method to a Multiple-Award contract. With the multiple-award method, purchasers will no longer be required to perform a competitive solicitation. Instead, they will be able to work directly with an awarded vendor.
  • Implement additional purchasing criteria. Require purchasers to obtain a minimum of three quotes from awarded vendors, with one quote being from an awarded small, diverse, or veteran-owned business.
  • Create multiple contracts. Contracts will be scope-based with an initial IT Project Management, IT Development, and Information Security award.

How to get involved

Next steps

  • DES will review the information from the vendor ITPS surveys.
  • DES will collaborate with the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO), Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC), Office of Minority and Women Business Enterprises (OMWBE), Procurement Customer Advisory Group (PCAG), Business Diversity Advisory Group (BDAG), and DES Procurement, Inclusion and Equity (PIE) program to update the ITPS Master Contract program.
  • DES will initially award IT Project Management, IT Development & Information Security.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between two-tier contracts and multiple awards?

A: TWO-TIER: A two-tier contract is a contract where DES does NOT solicit an award based on a solicitation criterion, all the work to competitively solicit and determine if a vendor meets specific qualifications are completed on the second tier by the purchaser. The first tier is only adding vendors to the contract; the process of adding these vendors vary by the type of contract it is. For ITPS, the first tier is the vendor completing a click-through agreement and stating they provide services in one of the twelve categories.

MULTIPLE-AWARD: A multiple award contract is competitively solicited by DES. Multiple vendors are awarded a contract through criteria that evaluate specific qualifications that vendors are required to provide. On a multiple-award contract, a purchaser is only required to ask for quotes from a minimum of three of the awarded vendors.

Q: I am a vendor on the current ITPS contract; when the new contract is awarded, will I automatically be awarded a contract?

A: No, all vendors will need to submit a response to the solicitation when it is posted to WEBS.

Q: Will I still be able to offer my services under the old contract?

A: When the new contracts are awarded, the current ITPS contract will be set to expire. Vendors who wish to offer services will need to respond to the new solicitation.

Q: If we have an existing work order under the current ITPS contract when it expires, does that mean the work order expires?

A: No. Work orders executed under the current ITPS contract expire at the end date on each specific work order.

Q: Will all the categories be rebid at the same time?

A: The proposed new ITPS solution is still being finalized, but we do not anticipate rebidding all the current 12 categories simultaneously.

Q: Will consideration be given to small businesses?

A: DES will work with stakeholders to consider options to encourage small and diverse business use.